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I agree with Michael. When I first read Graham, I hadn't gotten very far in the book before I found myself thinking, "Finally, here's someone who has put into words what I've been thinking - or feeling - for a long time!"

It's easy to agree with Graham simply because what he says "Makes Sense!" It makes sense because it agrees with me "instinctively" which is the same as saying it agrees with me "spiritually."

I'm not a religious person (certainly not by popular standards), but I do believe in the soul. Call it a spirit, a mind, or anything you want. But I believe it is the soul, not the brain, that gathers and stores information; I believe it contains our instincts, our memories, our fears, and everything else that make us who we are. The brain is probably nothing more than the body's control panel, and without the soul there to push the buttons, we're not going anywhere physically!

Therefore, I agree with Michael. There seems to be some hidden connection or understanding between all souls, whether it be for good or ill. It is not uncommon to meet someone for the first time and instinctively feel uncomfortable, or as if you've always known them. It is also not uncommon for a new idea to suddenly emerge in more than one place.

It's almost as if these are ancient feelings and memories nagging at us, trying to surface, but unable to because we still lack the understanding needed to help them come forth.

If so, perhaps it will be Graham who gives us what we need to do this. Which reminds me ...

Ever since I first read Graham, I have likened him to Prometheus, the Titan who gave man fire ("knowledge").


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