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What makes Grahams books & television stuff so interesting is the it doesn't surprise us in the least! How many people when first reading the book thought "see he's got it right".
Without having a pyramid or a megalith to show evidence for, the mental implications & understanding of uncovering this information is very great. I believe the people that take the time to log on to this site or take time out to read any of Grahams or Roberts books are what I call understanders. We have a deep rooted knowledge that these details are correct! But why?
I feel that the information Graham & his associates are providing us with, are the history of the collective knowledge that resonated around the world many years ago.
We haven't forgotten about a chapter in our history. We just haven't been told. I wonder if the followers of Horus that GRaham seemed to touch on in Heavens Mirror were part of the "game", responsible for the mental uasge part of this culture.
I hope Graham continues to uncover our stubbon history & can help us as a collective understand where on earth (or not!!) we came from & where we are going.
And to all the people that have read this then feel ready to judge me as a head case. I may not have precisley cut stone, magnifcent temples or huge stone heads to reason my little piece here, but I do possess an open mind & a yearning to discover the truth which if you judge as fast as most people do, is the fastest step to ignorance.

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