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just found that in my notes in checking something else as usual, lol.

TAU The Greek alphabet. Esoteric Meaning:
Ta, where; bottom, valley, abyss, etc.
A T-square is an Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for “Tau” which means “sacred gate” or “sacred opening”. Multiple Taus form a temple: for example “Stonehenge”. The Triple Tau is the symbol for the Temple of Jerusalem.
Around the neck of Sirius, the “King of the Seven Stars” is the double tau, the “pi” symbol. From the tau hieroglyph in the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, it is clear that “Tau” means “holy or sacred gate or “holy or sacred opening”. The five- pointed star also denotes the word “sacred”.
TAU CROSS The tau cross was shaped in the form of a “T” and is an ancient symbol of eternal life. The Druids venerated and made a tree sacred by etching into its bark a tau cross. Among Christians it is hailed as the “Cross of Saint Anthony”, since the saint was allegedly martyred on such a cross. The tau cross is also utilized in Freemasonry as one on its sacred symbols.

That which is now called the Christian cross was originally no Christian emblem at all, but was the Mystic Tau of the Chaldeans and the Egyptians—the true original form of the letter T, the initial of the name of Tammuz. It is the same as ancient Chaldee and is found on their coins. The Mystic Tau was marked in baptism on the foreheads of those initiated in the Mystery Schools. The Catholic priests make the sign of the cross on the foreheads of infants at baptism and it was used as a most sacred symbol. To identify Tammuz with the sun, it was joined with a circle of the sun; sometimes it was inserted in the circle. Whether the Maltese cross, which the Roman Bishops append to their names as a symbol of their Episcopal dignity, is the letter T, may be doubtful; but there seems no reason to doubt that the Maltese cross is an express symbol of the sun; for Lanyard found it as a sacred symbol in Nineveh in such a connection that it led him to identify it with the sun. The mystic Tau, as a symbol of great divinity, was called the sign of life. It was used as an amulet over the heart. It marked the official garments of the priests of Rome. It was borne by kings in their hands as a token of their dignity and divinely conferred authority. The Vestal virgins of Pagan Rome wore it suspended from their necklaces, as the nuns do now. The Egyptians did the same, as did many of the barbarous nations. It was worshipped in Mexico for ages before Roman Catholic missionaries set foot there. They were large stone crosses erected to the “gods of the rains”. The cross was the symbol of Bacchus, the Babylonian god, for he was represented with a headband of crosses. The cross of the Manicheans with leaves and flowers and fruit is called the divine tree, the tree of the gods, the tree of knowledge, and life. So the TAU was used by many ancient peoples and is still in use today as a sacred symbol.

The ankh is an Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph signifying “life” a cross surmounted by a loop and known in Latin as a crux ansata (ansate, or handle-shaped cross). It is found in ancient tomb inscriptions, including those of the king Tutankhamen, and gods and pharaohs are often depicted holding it. The ankh forms part of hieroglyphs for such concepts as health and happiness. The form of the symbol suggests perhaps a sandal strap as its original meaning though it has been seen as representing a magical knot. It has been extensively used as the symbol of the Coptic Christian Church. One of the most widely recognized symbols sacred to the ancient Egyptians and often used as an amulet, this symbol is basically the T or Tau cross supporting a circular shape.
It combines two symbols, the tau cross-‘life’, and the circle-‘eternity’, thus together ‘immortality’, and it is also the male and female symbols of the two principal Egyptian deities ‘Osirus’ and ‘Isis’. Thus we have the union of heaven and earth.

The Tau ‘T’ is the nineteenth letter of the Greek alphabet and in ancient times it was regarded as the symbol of life, and the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet, theta, was considered the symbol of death. Many say that these two symbols created today’s + and minus – symbols. The Tau is a very old form of the cross and is also known as St. Anthony’s Cross.
The Hebrew form of the word Tau is pronounced ‘tov’ which means marking, etching or scrawl. In Pagan times a warrior returning honorably from battle would attach a T to his name. An ancient Roman Arch Lecture reveals that those acquitted of a crime or returning from battle could also use a T as a sign. In other words, The Tau cross was put on men to distinguish those who lamented sin or were brave in battle. In imitation of this, in the 26th degree of the Scottish Rite, a tau is put on the candidate’s forehead after the candidate has been purified with water to distinguish himself before proceeding.

It has been said that three taus come together to form the Triple Tau. Others say the Triple Tau is originally the coming together of a T and an H, forming Templum Hierosolyma, or the Temple of Jersusalem. Christians interpreted the symbol as “Holiness supporting Trinity”. Royal Arch Freemasonry records dating from 1767 show this symbol. In addition to meaning Templum Hierosolyma (The Temple of Jerusalem), it also is said to mean Calvis as Thesaurum- “ A key to the Treasure” –and Theca ubi respretiosa- “A place where the precious thing is concealed.”

The first recorded biblical reference to the TAU is from Ezekiel 9:4, “Go through the city of Jerusalem and put a TAU on the foreheads of those who grieve and lament over all the detestable things that are done in it.” The TAU is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet and looks very much like the letter T. At the Fourth Lateran Council, on November 11, 1215, Pope Innocent III made reference to the TAU and quoted the above verse in reference to the profaning of the Holy Places by the Saracens. St. Francis was present and he heard these words of Pope Innocent III when he said, “The TAU has exactly the same form as the Cross on which our Lord was crucified on Calvary, and only those will be marked with this sign and will obtain mercy who have mortified their flesh and conformed their life to that to the Crucified savior. From Then on, the TAU became Francis’ own coat of arms. Francis used the TAU in his writings, painted in on the walls and doors of the places he stayed, and used it as his only signature on his writings.

William Henry wrote the following about TULA, The Center of the Milky Way Galaxy. TAU is an anagram within the word itself. “No matter where the word Tula appeared it represented the Great Mother. Her lore dominated the thinking of the ancients who believed our souls came from Tula and our mission on earth was to learn to return to Tula. Simultaneously, we were to turn the Earth, herself, into a Tula. Jesus called this the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. It is this awareness of the original concepts of Tula, including those of Jesus that we are now being asked to absorb. The Apocalyptic-minded believe we are being asked to learn the teachings that will place us in attunement or resonance with Tula in preparation for our return home. According to Greek myths, this heart of Tula beats and vibrations spread throughout the Galaxy. This Central Sun, TULA, is a fountain of healing energy, healing ‘waters’ or ‘living waters’. It is even considered to be the Holy Grail itself.”

In the Egyptian Ceremony, “The Weighing of the Heart”, the scale used to weigh the heart is the SACRED TAU and the soul’s eternal destination was determined at this ceremony. The Tau represents balance in this ancient ritual.

The TAU symbol also has a number of other meanings in physics, for example, the tau particle, the tau neutrino, and as a symbol for torque, etc. "

complete article titled :
The Sacred and Mysterious Tau (Missouri Mystery Mound)
I skipped the parts specifically on the Missouri Mystery Mound
you can read on the source link below if interested.

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