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Yes, this has been known for some time. One of the names Tolkien invented for Numenor was 'Atalante' (which he translated as 'The Downfallen') and he tells a story several times in the Letters of having an 'Atlantis' dream of a huge wave overwhelming the landscape.

The shape of Middle-earth actually doesn't look very much like Europe at all as far as the actual landscape. It's the political/cultural structure that reminds one of Europe. At least Medieval Europe. Gondor holding back Mordor seems to be an analog of the Byzantine Empire protecting the rest of Europe from the Islamic 'jihad' for example.

Like ancient Rome, we today are once more importing every form of exotic superstition in the hope of finding the right remedy for our sickness.
-- C. G. Jung
Richard Wilhelm: In Memoriam (1930), CW 15: pg. 60

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