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japixley wrote:

> Here is an excerpt from the website that has been mentioned
> previously on this thread:
> 'Early Christianity possessed three main strands: the Jewish
> one (led by James, Jesus' brother), the Pauline one (created by
> Paul himself and now represented by the Orthodox and Roman
> Catholic Churches), and the Gnostic one (at least some of whom
> followed St John, the disciple).'
> This may not be the right place for my question (feel free to
> move it to a more appropriate forum), but how would the Thomas
> Christians fit into this scenario? Would they fall under
> Jewish, Pauline, Gnostic, or Other? Are there any surviving
> texts that pre-date their 'discovery' by Catholic missionaries?
> If so, where can I find these documents?

I can't remember where I read of it, but 'tradition' states that Thomas was sent to India. Kind of ironicly appropriate if so. India is one of the few places where a new religion would greeted in a sort of 'ho hum' routine fashion. No persecution/oppression, but no big enthusiasm either. It's just another of the 'alternative ways' available. :)

There is a very ancient Christian movement in India, but I'm not sure where it fits into the larger currents of the various doctrines.

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