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Citizen Attorney wrote:

> Interesting post. My question about huge catostrophies
> continues to be where are the bodies that perished during these
> events.
> Suppose we didn't clean up the bodies after the recent tsunami.
> These bodies would have drifted to where? wouldn't someone five
> thousand years later be able to find remnants of 125,ooo
> bodies?

Not necessarily. Look at the huge area the bodies are scattered over. If we can't find many of them now, how will it be any easier in a millenium or more? And the places where they are more concentrated (cites, etc.) would still not be likely to leave more than a few fragments of detectable remains. Remember that human bodies are just meat and bone like any other animal, they do decay and get scavenged. That is why fossils are so rare. I forget what the 'mathematical odds' are for any given dead animal to be fossilized, but they are every, very high. It takes just the right conditions. Even if someone were to find some bones of one of these people in thousands of years how would they know that this person died in a tsunami rather than just died of old age or got killed in some struggle? Bones don't necessarily carry signs of the cause of death. So future archaeologists finding bone fragments concentrated in one area might think they've stumbled upon a primitive graveyard rather than a mass death site.

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