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The Treasure of Destiny

Before the movie National Treasure, I set out on my own search for what I call the Treasure of Destiny in 2003. I became aware of the Bruton Vault from Victoria Jennings. Victoria was instrumental in working with Marie Hall wife of the late Manly Palmer Hall. Manly wrote the Secret Teachings of All Ages and was the founder of the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles. With my interest in alchemy, I was intrigued that the Bruton Vault may have a connection to the ark of the covenant, secrets of alchemy, plus the founding and destiny of America.

According to the story, back in the thirties Marie found a book in Manly's extensive occult library titled the Wither Book that contained code pointing to Williamsburg Virginia and the Burton Vault. It is speculated that the vault contains the missing chapters of New Atlantis written by Sir Francis Bacon who some speculate was William Shakespeare. Also it is speculated that the vault contains information relating to the Book of Thoth. Those with a background in esoterics know that Thoth relates to Hermes Trismegistus the godfather of alchemy and the Emerald Tablet or Tablet of Destiny. From my research, the formula on the tablet contains the seven transformations of alchemy that lead to the accelerated evolution of the human soul within one lifetime also know as spiritual liberation.

In 1938, Marie left Los Angeles for Williamsburg to search for the vault. Although she uncovered the foundation of the Bruton Parish church leading to the vault, according to Victoria, she was stopped from further exploration by the Rockefeller family. Through Henrietta Bernstein, author of Ark of the Covenant Holy Grail, I was fortunate to have met Marie in person. I was anxious to speak with Marie about her search and secret societies. Unfortunatley, due to her advanced age, she was not able to communicate anything of detail.

Henrietta mentioned that sources indicate the contents of the vault were moved and hidden beneath the Washington Cathedral or Washington Monument. I also made contact with others surrounding the treasure such as Lawrence Gerald, author of, Fletcher Richman of Sir Francis Bacon's Sages of the Seventh Seal, Art Kunkin former director of the Philosophical Research Society, and David Allen Rivera author of Final Warning: A History of the New World Order.

Although I was not able to uncover any solid leads pointing towards the treasure, perhaps clues will manifest as we move into the future. It was rather surreal when I heard the movie National Treasure was coming out. The movie was what I expected, entertaining but missing the spiritual content of the treasure. If the treasure is ever found, I feel it will outline what has already been revealed here



The Bruton Vault

Wither Book

Alchemical Information

Sir Francis Bacon

Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark

Foundations Unearthed - Marie Bauer Hall

The Bruton Vault

By David Allen Rivera

Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626), an English Lord, the son of Elizabeth I, was recognized as the "founder of Free Masonry...the guiding light of the Rosicrucian Order, the members of which kept the torch of the true universal knowledge, the Secret Doctrine of the Ages alive during the dark night of the Middle Ages." Fluent in many languages, he was known to have edited the King James Version of the Bible, and is believed to be the true author of the William Shakespeare plays. He had been initiated by a secret society of intellectuals dedicated to civil and religious freedom. In his book Instauratio Magna, he wrote of a movement to "reorganize the sciences and restore man to the mastery over nature that he was conceived to have lost by the fall of Adam."

Bacon's novel, New Atlantis, published in 1627, a year after his death, by his secretary William Rawley, represented his vision for a new "Golden Age." It was about a crew of shipwrecked sailors who arrived on the shores a mysterious, unknown land, whose people had a much higher developed culture and possessed a technology unlike anything they had ever seen. He talked about buildings a half a mile high, flying machines, underwater vehicles, and a government of philosopher-scientists working in behalf of an enlightened group of people who were committed to learning, and a higher level of achievement.

Manly Palmer Hall (1901-1990), founder of the Philosophical Research Society in 1934, and one of the foremost experts in the realm of the metaphysical and the occult, authored over 200 books, and in six decades delivered more than 8,000 lectures. In his 1944 book The Secret Destiny of America, he revealed that even though the New Atlantis had been completed, the entire version was never published. He wrote: "The final (unpublished) chapters revealed the entire pattern secret societies had been working on for thousands of years to achieve the ideal commonwealth in the political world." It included details for nurturing the "New Order of the Ages," how this long range "Great Plan" would restore mankind to the original state that was intended to reflect the inner philosophical tradition of Freemasonry, and proposed timetables.

In The Secret Destiny of America Hall also wrote: "There exists in the world today, and has existed for thousands of years, a body of enlightened humans united in what might be termed, an Order of the Quest. It is composed of those whose intellectual and spiritual perceptions have revealed to them that civilization has a secret destiny...The outcome of this 'secret destiny' is a World Order ruled by a King with supernatural powers. This King was descended of a divine race, that is, he belonged to the Order of the Illumined for those who come to a state of wisdom than belong to a family of heroes - perfected human beings."

The full-length version (which included the missing chapters) was taken to Jamestown in 1635 by his descendant Nathaniel Bacon, where it was buried under the altar of the old brick church. In 1676, it was moved to Williamsburg, Virginia, where it was buried "in a great vault beneath the tower center of the first brick church in Bruton Parish." The current church, known as the Bruton Parish Church (which was declared a National Historic Landmark), was built in 1715, and within the grounds of its graveyard (the site of the original church), and is where the Bruton Vault is located.

It is believed by many serious researchers that Sir Francis Bacon faked his death (actually dying in 1684), and constructed the vault with the help of his Wild Goose Club. It is a 10 ft. by 10 ft. brick vault, possibly part of an underground Freemasonry Lodge, that is buried 20 ft. deep, and marked by certain strategically placed encoded memorials in the cemetery above.

The reason for the Rockefellers making such an investment to restore the town of Colonial Williamsburg, was the prospect of locating the fabled vault, which had three tunnels leading to it from homes in the area. Fortunately, ownership of the grounds remain in the hands of the Page and Bray families.

Deposited along with the unabridged copy of the New Atlantis were other secret documents, including ancient writings that had been in the possession of certain secret societies. One such artifact was the "Book of Thoth," which had been retrieved from a golden box out of an inner sanctuary in an ancient Egyptian temple. Known as the Sacred Torch, the most important document ever given to Man, it is believed that anyone who is able to decipher it will have their consciousness enhanced to the point that they will be able to see the invisible Immortals and enter the presence of the Superior Gods. Manley Hall wrote in his book, the Secret Teachings of All Ages that the Book "was lost to the Ancient World with the decay of the Mysteries, but its faithful initiates carried it sealed to another land. The book is still in existence..."

The vault also contains instructions, maps, and documents that lead to 144 sacred burial sites of certain forefathers, patriots and early leaders in our country that in turn contain original writings, diaries and documentation that will prove how history has been rewritten today to reflect the biased political views of certain leaders in this country. Hall wrote in the The Secret Destiny of America: "Not only were the founders of the United States Government Masons, but they received aid from a secret and august body existing in Europe, which helped them to establish this country for a peculiar and particular purpose known only to the initiated few."

Masonry was not always as it appears today. Many early Christian patriots during the foundational period of American history were part of the predominate York Rite, which promoted values, ethics, and brotherhood among its members. It has been reported that true Freemasonry Lodges were established in the cellars of Episcopalian and Presbyterian Churches. It was the Illuminati infiltration of the American Fraternal Lodges by the Jesuit-spawned Scottish Rite that moved through the ranks like a virus to take them over from within.

It is believed that the vault also contains a quantity of gold, an original edition of the Bacon-edited King James Bible, inventions that were ahead of its time, and a device that will enable their codes to be deciphered.

There is some evidence to indicate that handwritten copies of certain documents were made during the administration of President Washington and hidden at a remote location in Virginia.

According to Colin Dyer in his book Symbolism in Craft Masonry, in 1804, Thomas Jefferson (3rd President) was the last person to examine the contents of this vault. It was believed that the contents were removed and placed in a secret location either at the University of Virginia (founded by Jefferson), or the capitol building in Washington, D.C. However, Manley Hall became a leading proponent for the Bruton Vault as being the location of this sacred repository. His quest to protect it from falling into the wrong hands cost him his life, because he was strangled to death by two members of the Skull and Bones Society - Morgan Brandt and Daniel Fritz. Luckily all of his research notes, documents, maps, books, photos, and artifacts relating to 50 years of work on the vault had already been sent to a secret location in Russia.

In The Secret Destiny of America Hall wrote: "America's true destiny will remain a secret as long as great masses of people have no knowledge whatsoever that enlightened humanitarians through thousands of years have in their own and succeeding generations remained united on the high purpose of eventually instituting democratic rule throughout the world. It is necessary to know, too, that it was anciently planned that leadership would fall to America- to a nation established on the Northern continent of the Western Hemisphere...Long before Columbus, they were aware of the existence of the Western hemisphere, and selected it to be the site of the philosophic empire. The American continent was set apart for establishing here a great democratic nation, centuries before the founding fathers and colonists envisioned the Union...

When President Theodore Roosevelt visited the site, and learned of its significance, he vowed to protect it, and out of appreciation, he was honored by having his image placed on Mount Rushmore. David Rockefeller and Queen Elizabeth have shown a particular interest in the vault's contents.

The contents of the Bruton Vault are priceless, and considered so important that it is referred to as the "Seventh Seal."

A group known as Sir Francis Bacon's Sages of the Seventh Seal have been the driving force behind the movement to uncover the vault. Though there were unsuccessful attempts in 1938 (which did discover the original church foundations) and 1992, they now believe that a spiral staircase exists beneath the pyramid-shaped monument that marks the centuries-old graves of David and Elizabeth Bray, and leads to the vault, which they refer to as a "Freemasonry library." Armed with new evidence from their continued research, the group has lobbied the Rev. Herman Hollerith IV, rector of the Episcopal church, to authorize a new, controlled, archeological dig, to raise the vault, so that its contents can be studied, and protected from forces hostile to the information it contains.

Mystics Say Hidden Vault Contains Secret to World Peace

March 19, 2003
Associated Press
Williamsburg, Virginia - A group of mystics says it's time to search again beneath the Bruton Parish Church graveyard for the secret keys to world peace.

"We're here by divine providence," said Fletcher Richman, one of a handful of believers who were so vocally insistent about the graveyard's supposed secrets more than a decade ago that church leaders sponsored a dig in 1992 to search for a legendary underground vault.

"This could stop the holy wars in the Middle East," he declared.

Richman, who lived in the Williamsburg area in the early 1990s but later moved to his current home in Minnesota, said the 1992 dig failed to find the vault because archaeologists picked the wrong spot.

During a recent weekend visit to Williamsburg, Richman gestured to the pyramid-shaped monument marking the centuries-old graves of Elizabeth and David Bray.

He was accompanied by six other self-described metaphysicians who call themselves Sir Francis Bacon's Sages of the Seventh Seal. Behind him was the historic church on Duke of Gloucester Street that serves as a tourist attraction as well as an Episcopal house of worship.

"Underneath here is a spiral staircase that goes down to a freemasonry library," Richman said as other members of his group nodded agreement.

He was referring to a reputed 10-by-10-foot vault, which is said by those who believe it exists to contain writings, documents and other material that belonged to Sir Francis Bacon.

Bacon was an essayist, among other things, and those who believe in the vault say he was editor of the King James Version of the Bible and the real author of the plays attributed to Shakespeare.

He died in 1626 in England without ever coming to Virginia. Believers say his written revelations, including missing pieces of the Bible, were shipped to Virginia in a vault that was buried first in Jamestown. The vault was moved in 1676 to beneath what is now the Bruton Parish Church yard.

Believers, who are convinced the vault's location is revealed by codes in various places, say its contents have the power to bring a new and peaceful world order. They also say the vault and its contents were known to America's founding fathers, including Thomas Jefferson.

Mainstream scholars dismiss the claims of the Bacon believers, but those beliefs have persisted. A California woman named Marie Bauer Hall persuaded church officials to dig in the churchyard in 1938, and that excavation led to discovery of the original church foundations.

In 1991, a New Mexico couple who were students of Hall's teachings dug surreptitiously in the churchyard at night. They were arrested and fined. About the same time, a group with which Richman was affiliated began planning to hold a symposium in Williamsburg about the vault.

Church officials, frankly hoping to put the vault legend to rest once and for all, then asked archaeologists from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation to undertake a dig that would satisfy believers that no vault was there.

The dig lasted for several weeks in the late summer and attracted throngs of tourists and wide media attention. It ended with an announcement that archaeologists had investigated all the subsurface area that had been touched by humans over the past three centuries and found no sign of the vault.

Dr. Gerald H. Johnson, a geologist who participated in the 1992 search, now retired from the faculty of the College of William and Mary, had followed up the dig by extracting core samples of subsurface material beneath the excavation to a depth of about 20 feet. He said he got beneath the water table and found no sign that human activity had disturbed the deep soils.

Johnson said on a visit to the churchyard recently that he did not bore for samples beneath the monument Richman now claims marks the location of the vault. He said he'd be willing to take some new samples if he gets an official request.

Richman said that he felt back in 1992 that the location was wrong, but "withdrew" until the timing felt better. He said meditation and prayer drew his current group together for another try at finding the vault.

"Because of the alleged beginning of World War III or Armageddon, we're back here for that reason," he said.

Richman and his friends met last summer with the Rev. Herman Hollerith IV, rector of the Episcopal church, to try to convince him that new research provides the evidence to justify another excavation.

The Rev. Mary L. Douglas, an associate rector at the church, had agreed to meet again with the group recently but canceled the meeting at Hollerith's request. Douglas said Hollerith is taking some time off for medical leave and asked her to postpone meeting with Richman's group until he returns.

Richman said his group hoped the church would entertain bids by archaeologists or other researchers sympathetic to his cause to search for the vault this summer in conjunction with a landscaping project scheduled for the church yard.

Although Douglas said the only excavation planned as part of that project is construction of a new drainage ditch, Richman said he's still hopeful.

"We're not here to polarize," he said. "We want to inspire through public relations and good will."

But he also said that "students of metaphysics" from around the world could use pressure tactics if church officials don't cooperate.

"If we have to, we will surround this churchyard 24 hours a day with thousands of metaphysicians," Richman said.

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