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Greetings for the New Year everyone. Here's a thought to get you started on the ongoing quest for answers to ultimate questions.

In the library of the Assyrian tyrant Ashurbanipal (669-626 BC), which housed around 30,000 clay tablets inscribed with wedge-like cuneiform, there was one tablet which contained huge, preposterously large numbers. One of the numbers contained fifteen digits: 195,955,200,000,000.

A French communications scientist named Maurice Chatelain, who worked for the US government as an aeronautics engineer, and who had learned about the incredibly complex Mayan calendar, found himself wondering if there could have been any connection between the Assyrians of Nineveh and the Maya. He eventually realised that the Nineveh number was not as arbitrary as it looked: it was 70 multiplied by 60 to the power of seven.

The Assyrians inherited their culture from the Babylonians, who in turn inherited theirs from the Sumerians, the inventors of writing. And the Sumerians were great astronomers, who, according to Colin Wilson ('The Atlantis Blueprint', Little Brown, 2000) were great astronomers, who knew how long it took each of the planets - Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune - to revolve in their orbits.

Chatelain subsequently wondered if the Nineveh number could express time in seconds. He calculated it to be 2,268 million days, just over 6 million years.

Chatelain then recalled that the precession of the equinoxes takes just under 26,000 years to complete its cycle. This period is known as the 'Big Year'. According to Colin Wilson, he then tried dividing this number into the Nineveh constant and found that it was an exact number of precessional cycles - exactly 240 Big Years.

Chatelain then wondered if the Nineveh number was what astrologers and occultists had called 'the great constant of the solar system', which would correlate to the revolution of all the cosmic concentrations of the solar system, including satellites. He then calculated the cycles of the planets in seconds, (no doubt using the NASA computer), and found that each was an exact fraction of the Nineveh constant.

Chatelaine was intrigued by two huge Mayan numbers that had been found on steles at Quiriga, in Guatemala. Translating these into years, he found that one number was just under 93 million years, while the other was 403 million years. He subsequently discovered that 93 million years is exactly 15 times larger than the Nineveh constant, while 403 million is 65 times larger.

So there you go. I will just add that I'm no number-cruncher and am completely baffled by all this, so don't come to me for answers. For more detailed information consult the book I mention above, co-authored by Colin Wilson and Rand Flemath.

I look forward to reading comments from posters on this intriguing subject.

Happy hunting.



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