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So because the Nazis used Atlantis to justify their "superiority" as a race, G. Hancock is going to use the ancient pyramid builders to justify---what? His superiority as a theoritician? How in the world does searching for the truth about our ancient history tie in with the Nazis' evil visions of world domination? They used an already existing belief and twisted it to suit their own needs. Mr. Hancock looks at already existing beliefs in the field of Egyptology, sees a lot of gaps and discrepencies, and has suggested how these might be resolved. He has NEVER used his theories to suggest that descendants of the ancient pyramid builders would be somehow superior to everyone else! His ideas might be proven right or they might be proven wrong--but we'll never know one way or the other if people insist that he should keep quiet on the slim chance that some egomaniacal despot MIGHT misinterpret his findings!

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