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Anyone seen Bill Meegan?

I was hoping he could explain his ideology to us in a little more depth. It seems that my heckling of him last week has frightened him off. Although I do wonder why he has managed to escape the attention of Graham and the rest of you. Do you really endorse Bills views?

Why has Bill spent 25 years analysing the Hebrew text on Genesis? Is he looking for proof that each and every word of the bible is true? Is he trying to show that scientists are wrong about evolution and the origins of human existence?

Is it in the best interest of mankind to speculate about these possibilities? Should we ignore scientific evidence because we believe in a particular religion?

I'm not saying any of you are Nazis for speculating about 'lost civilisations' but I hope you can at least see the implications of making up history when you have no evidence to support it. The Nazis used Atlantean legends to explain the origins of their own 'master race'. That does not mean that by believing in Atlantis you are a Nazi but it should make you aware of the dangers of making up historical evidence to support a theory on the history of mankind.

I agree that we know very little about our past (esp. about the pyramid builders). However, Isn't it more sensible to believe that trained archaeologists and Egyptologists are in a better position to assess the available evidence rather than 'speculating amateurs'?

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