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Frankly, I've always had a problem with the Big Bang theory. It postulates that all matter in the universe was condensed into an infinitely dense point of pure energy. So, where did that infinitely dense point come from? How did it come into being? What did it evolve from? Why did it exist in that form for an unknown timespan before it exploded? What caused it to explode apparently for no reason? No, I'm not suggesting there was a "Creator" involved, but I am suggesting that the Big Bang theory may be wrong, or at least fundamentally flawed. The Big Bang theorists have the same problem that Christians do--how to explain where everything came from. Christians say God created everything, which begs the question of where God came from. Did He create Himself, or did He just always exist? Many scientists say that the Big Bang created everything, but they can't explain what caused the Big Bang. Did it cause itself, or has the universe simply always existed, although not necessarily in its present form? If that sounds ridiculous, just remember: If we can't even solve the simple Earthly problem of who built those pesky pyramids, then what makes you think we've solved the problem of how the present cosmos came to be? Just because a lot of people believe something to be true, doesn't mean they're right. A lot of people believed Mars had canals--and even had photographs to prove it! Well, the photographs were misinterpreted. Are we misinterpreting something in our exploration of the universe?

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