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After reading all the mail from Mr Krupp, Mr Bauval and everyone else involved, it has got me thinking...

With all the racial hatred and religious fanatacism that we have in the world today, would knowing the truth about certain historical events make the problems worse, or better?

Lets look at this hypothetically, and see it through to a logical conclusion...


If we discovered that Atlantis was real and we discovered that it was a white race, and that white race was the first ever race to have achieved astate of civilisation, this would give "white supremists" all over the world the opportunity to run amock because they would believe they are better. I dont think that but THEY would.

Would it not be better for society as a whole if we did not discover these facts, if the "powers that be" thought that something like this might happen, they would try anything to keep it quiet? Wouldn't they?

You can apply this to anything, from Aliens to the JFK conspiracy
if you are logical.....

Now, they cannot keep people like Mr Hancock and Mr Bauval quiet, can they, but they can do what it takes to discredit them in the eyes of their readers, which is exactly what they are trying to do...

I dont know who THEY are, and i dont want to know, but organisations like CSICOP are out there, doing damage control if you like.

I am not sure where to go next with this, can anyone else elucidate further?

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