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Quotes from the book of Enoch (Grandfather of Noah)
These men summoned me and took me on there wings and placed me on the clouds. The clouds moved and took me higher and showed moved and showed me a great sea.

I went North to the end of the earth. I saw a great and glorious device at the ends of the whole earth where the north wind blows where there is cold, hail, frost and snow.

Then I looked and saw the treasures of snow and ice.

They showed me a tower raised higher above the earth.

Their days are longer than in our part of the world. The nights are light and the evening and morning twilight is scarcely distinguishable.

I was afraid and trembled the men took me and brought me into the midst and said be of good cheer and don't be afraid.

These are just a few quotes from the book of Enoch compare these to admiral Byrds secrete diary [] let us know what you think. The book of Enoch can be found at []

Thank you for your time,

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