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Hi there :)

Since you strated the series, I have been (impatiently, I might add) waiting for you to get to the Punt business. Heheh.

So, if one assumes, that the Egyptian religious beliefs and other customs originate from the "deep south" of Africa, then one thing is certain: Punt it is. There we have the environment you described to Uganda: mountains, rain (mist), baboons, storks (ibises?). But there is more than that.
The Puntites pictured on Hatshepsut's temple wear beards, identical to those worn by the Egyptian pharaohs (not like the ones pictured on Asiatics for exemple), they wear tails on their waists (seems like some cat-animal tail) and they wear ribbons around their heads, knotted behind just like those we see pictured in the AE tombs worn by the gods! Goes without saying, that I don't think the Egyptians would have allowed the Puntites to copy their sacred symbols to be worn by commoners, no, it must have been the other way around, IMO.
The relations to Punt seem to always have been peacefull, whereas Egypt was in almost constant battle on the boarders of Kush and Nubia i.e. the location must be much further south. Also, the Egyptians seem to have known Punt very early (??), since by the 4th dynasty we have a Puntite pictured in a tomb decoration and by the 5th dynasty Punt was already sending incense to Sahure and Bawered had already broungt a pygmy to Izezi. In other words, by that time Punt was already established as the origin of sacred mechandise.

But, and yes, there has to be a but, I do not agree with you about the location of Punt. :)
Firstly, we do have heavy evidence on the journey to Punt beginning at the Red Sea coast. During OK the desert was crossed east of Memphis or at Sinai. It is here we have evidence of the massacre of an 6th dynasty expedition, while they were building (or resembling more likely) their boats! During NK it seems, that even Head of Nekheb (Berenike) was used as the parting point. We have a description of the first part of the journey from the 11th dynasty, where Henenu, sent by Montuhotep III, tells about the transporting of the shipmaterial by mules, guarded by soldiers, to the Red Sea coast.
Also the fish pictured in the reliefs of Hatshepsut, AFAIK, have been decrared typical not only for the Red Sea, but also for the Indian Ocean.
Ok, it is possible, that the journey was made via Red Sea to avoid the cataracts and hostilities with the Nubians, but there is indication also of the the Puntites having sent goods to Egypt via Southeastern parts of Nubia, so Uganda does not really match.

But, we do know, that Punt was partly mountanious, since "it rained on the mountains of Punt" and Punt was sometimes called "the Steppes of Myrrh". Now, if Punt was located in modern Southern Ethiopia, wouldn't that match your basic idea here as well?
The only problem I can see is the mountain range having to be crossed if one enters from the coast. Any ideas?

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