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Hi Jeff,

Yes, those are the pictures. Odd, the one I linked I can see ok.

"According to the picture the orientation of the tomb is about E-W. So???"

I always keep an eye on symbolism in alignment. For starters, it aligns with Hathor's chapel. Hathor is known as (in one of many nomens) the 'Lady of Punt'. And yes, he did have a second 'tomb' high on the southern wall. It was more of a temple than tomb, actually.

Another thought: Why send an astronomer-priest on a trade errand for 'groceries'? You'd think there was more to the journey than trade, yes?

"Wel, we have a record of an expedition to Punt on the Palermo Stone.
Was it during the reign of Sahure? (working from memory here.)


"But isn't there something in a 4th dynasty tomb at Giza that might be related to Punt?"

Could you elaborate?

"If, like you suggested, the ceiling of Senenmut contains a reference to an eclips that occured about a thousend years earlier, I'm very curious how you are going to construct a logical link."

I thought that's what I was doing. :)

"I'm not sure, but isn't Mars missing from Senenmut's ceiling?"



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