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Hé Avry,

Do you want to locate Punt in present-day Uganda?
(btw, you posted the one picture from your link that does not show up, is this a similar one?:


Avry: "Who was it that Hatshepsut sent on this journey?

Why, our old friend Senmut. Oh, and did I mention? His tomb ? the one with the ceiling in question ? is immediately to the east of the Lower Court of Hatshepsut?s temple. I wonder what its orientation points to ?"

This must be the one (he did have a second tomb though):

According to the picture the orientation of the tomb is about E-W. So???

Avry: "Lastly, there is something we need to think about, and that is when do we know Punt was at least first visited, and by whom?"

Wel, we have a record of an expedition to Punt on the Palermo Stone.
Was it during the reign of Sahure? (working from memory here.)

But isn't there something in a 4th dynasty tomb at Giza that might be related to Punt?

If, like you suggested, the ceiling of Senenmut contains a reference to an eclips that occured about a thousend years earlier, I'm very curious how you are going to construct a logical link.


P.S.: I'm not sure, but isn't Mars missing from Senenmut's ceiling?

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