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On the other hand, I have a better idea.

I’d seriously not want to go through this, however after having re-read your posts it would be in everyone’s best interest if I made the necessary corrections to what you’ve said. If you wish to fling dirt at this series, I suppose I’ll have to get out the mop and bucket.

Jim wrote: “Isn't this new "64th Controversy" a little premature .. being that the "64th Controversy Thoth" thread .. ended all muddled up?”

Nothing is ‘premature’ about this series. It does have some holes because I am not presenting everything all at once, but ‘premature’ … c’mon now, Jim, have a sneak peek at a dictionary. ‘Premature’ doesn’t apply here. As for ‘muddled’ up, you’ve lost me. Using the term ‘muddled’ implies confusion, which is far from the truth. Some advice: think about how you word things. The above terms come across as either insolent jabs or as a sincere lack of grammatical control. To tell you the truth, there’s no point in us tangenting off into a discussion on writing styles, but since you’re the one who said these things the issue needs to be addressed at least once. I have done that. Just leave it alone. In the future, try to be a little more accurate in how you describe things. Conscientiousness goes a long way. :)

Jim: “Thoth originates in the Pyramid Texts ..! {his name appearing almost 80 times}”

Fantastic. Thank you for this bit of info.

Jim: “So why weren't the Pyramid Texts consulted? Why when Wilson wrote ... "I was looking more for what the ancient Egyptians saw, not modern views," did Wilson ignore "what the ancient Egyptians actually wrote" and agreed (calling Thoth a baboon) with only modern views?”

The PT’s have been consulted, Jim. You are assuming they haven’t been because an extensive expose did not appear earlier in part IV (‘Knowing Thoth’). You shouldn’t assume things like this. It just wasn’t gotten around to, that’s all. No need to say I’m ignoring the PT’s. Ok?

Jim: “Thoth was not a baboon .. he was a cynocephalus monkey .. a flying lemur ..”

Stop. You are wrong. And I don’t mean ‘maybe’. Such a string of statements is utterly ludicrous. The baboon-Thoth iconography is absolute, as is the genus of baboon depicted throughout Egypt over millennia. The pictures and statues are unmistakable. Being as this is, any and every follow up to this you make is wrong, wrong, wrong. :) And again, I don’t mean ‘maybe’.

Jim: “… and is portrayed in the Texts and on the Nascan plateau as such .. {§ 387 wing of Thoth .. § 596 wing of Thoth .. § 593 wing of Thoth .. § 976 wing of Thoth}”

Laugh? Cry? Back away slowly? I’m at a loss as what to do. Bzzzt. You are so very wrong, Jim. Sorry. This can’t be debated.

Jim: ”In {§ 1472 below} of the Pyramid Texts .. Isis speaks directly to the Nascan Thoth .. {note Thoth has only 9 fingers and is clearly floating .. as helped by the gods!}”


What in the names of the gods are you talking about? Thoth (that is, the Egyptian one, and only of Egypt) does not have nine fingers, and there is nothing even remotely relevant or implied in the PT’s to Nasca. You go from Thoth to cynocephalus (which you’ve incorrectly applied here to the genus and species) to Nasca to that monkey’s nine fingers, back to the Egyptian Ennead, et voila, you think you’ve made some sort of connection. It’s hard to comprehend just how confused you are.

This following is your web page on the matter:


It has NOTHING to do with Senmut’s ceiling. Take your ideas to another thread for Pete’s sake. But no, that’s not what you’re about, is it Jim? You want your ideas to plaster this board and be relevant to everything. I find it pathetic, really.

You went on to post a sub-thread entitled ‘Same 5 deg misalignment as the Sphinx?’ which contained nothing other than a picture of the Sphinx. What is going on in that mind of yours that makes you think a misalignment of the Sphinx is relevant here? Why not post pictures of your underwear, Jim? Think, man.

Jim asked me: “Could your conclusions 'bout Thoth w/o reference to the originating document (the PT) .. have anything to do with it?”

What conclusions are you referring to?

Jim: “How Avry .. given your inability {or reluctance} to read the Pyramid Texts {and your lack of knowledge of the Nascan figures} .. can you even fathom comment?”

The above is meant to do nothing other than to start a row. It is also wrong on all three counts (re: inability, reluctance [PT’s]; lack of knowledge of Nasca). If being insulting is your day job, you must be wealthier than Oprah. Please do not assume things about me and have the audacity to wave your dainty glove in my face. Really, now. What is the purpose of such activity?

Jim (to Fuzz): “Thoth originated in the Pyramid Texts …”

Bzzzt. Wrong.

Jim: “… so I waited until I was sure Avery …”

More insolence. Have some respect. You know damn well how to spell my name. If it was someone else who didn’t know me at all I’d let it pass, but you know different – meaning you’re deliberately being an a**.

Jim: “… wasn't going to discuss this fact … [Thoth appearing in the PT’s] and when it was clear that he wasn't … “

You can’t possibly know what the future parts of this series entail. There are 64 in all.

Jim:”… I posted proof of the South American connection and that Thoth was a cynocephalus monkey NOT a baboon”

That’s not proof, Jim. The Egyptian iconography proves a baboon represents Thoth. You ought to be seriously reprimanded for spreading such absolute tosh. Your South American ‘link’ with Thoth does not even deserve debate, conversation or a second glance.

Jim: “Besides Avery has accepted my Thoth introduction with his own discussion of Thoth's nine fingers.”

Bull f**** s****, I have. I do not (nor did I) accept your Thoth ‘introduction’ (whatever that is), nor have I discussed Thoth having nine fingers. Seriously: are you one medication/drugs or English isn’t your first language? You make me wonder. Anyways, enough of this. That about wraps up what I think of what you’ve posted in this thread. So what have we? Here we are teetering on the edge of a monster ado because you’ve introduced your strange ideas, and hey, look at that, by implication we are now discussing your strange ideas – and not the intended topic of this thread. So why don’t we cut through the chaff and have you participate in a fair-spirited sort of way.

Comment on my Senmut ideas. Gee, what a concept!

R A Wilson

Ps. How much shall I wager Jim will miss the point completely and continue to discuss Nasca? Let’s wait and see.

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