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Dear Jim Bowles,

I refuse to get into a pointless debate with you. You think I am unaware of Thoth in the PT's - you are wrong - I am very aware. You think I have no knowledge of Nasca - you are wrong. You think the ape which represents Thoth is like that of Ross on 'Friends' - you are wrong. You think this thread is about Thoth - you are wrong - it is about the ceiling of Senmut. You post a pic with reference to a 5deg offset, which has zero relevance to the topic. You've posted plenty of stuff that is off-topic.

I don't know whether to laugh at you or to share a few choice words. Better still, I won't rely on making either choice because I have an alternate (the only one I have left because you want nothing other than to destroy this thread and my series) is to go elsewhere. Don't worry, son, I won't suffer at all, and I suppose neither will you ... but people with sincere interests or those who do not exude a holier-than-thou attitude in regards to your (sorry) far-left-field ideas will.

This board exists to provide a venue for people with any and all kinds of theories, and I completely respect that, which means I respect your right to present your ideas. However, what you have here doesn't belong in this thread. If you would like to discuss you ideas, start your own string. That you can't seem to respect this is all the reason I need to wave goodbye.

So once again, I apologize to everyone, but it is rather apparent I have posted my ideas at the wrong MB. Opposition and debate are fine, but you offer neither, Jim. All you do is make it appear as though you are on some sort of crusade to post your (sorry) far-left-ideas at any cost.

Thanks for nothing. Goodbye.

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