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Just been checking out some things after reading your latest article/posting :-)

I've probably copied more here from the inscriptions of Hrakhuf than I need to but I was trying to find evidence of early expeditions around the time of the event you have been writing about. Some thing that struck me was that the dawrf he brought back is referred to as being "of the god from the land of spirits" - why from the Land of Spirits? He also refers to an expedition from approx 100 years earlier in the time of the last pharoah of Dynasty V, Isesi.


Fourth expedition

Harkhuf received this royal letter from the 8 year old Pepi II, when he was on his way back from his fourth expedition to the south. He had it engraved on his tomb.

(Isesi : Djedkare (ca. 2413-2381) who ruled about a century before Pepi II
Neferkere : Pepi II

Royal decree (to) the sole companion, the ritual priest and caravan-conductor Harkhuf.

I have noted the matter of this thy letter, which thou hast sent to the king, to the palace, in order that one might know that thou hast descended in safety from Yam with the army which was with thee. Thou hast said [in] this thy letter, that thou hast brought all great and beautiful gifts, which Hathor, mistress of Imu hath given to the ka of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt Neferkere who liveth forever and ever.

Thou hast said in this thy letter, that thou hast brought a dancing dwarf of the god from the land of spirits, like the dwarf which the treasurer of the god Burded brought from Punt in the time of Isesi. Thou hast said to my majesty:"never before has one like him been brought by any other who has visited Yam.
Come northward to the court immediately; [...] thou shalt bring this dwarf with thee, which thou bringest living, prosperous and healthy from the land of spirits, for the dances of the god, to rejoice and [gladden] the heart of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Neferkare, who lives forever. [...]
My majesty desires to see this dwarf more than the gifts of Sinai and of Punt. If thou arrivest at court this dwarf being with thee alive, prosperous and healthy, my majesty will do for thee a greater thing than that which was done for the treasurer of the god Burded in the time of Isesi, according to the heart's desire of my majesty to see the dwarf."

I also came across this reference which is interesting, from a site that suggests that the pyramids were representations of volcanoes. It also claims that the phoenix/bennu bird (and therefore maybe the ben-ben stone?) are perfect representatives for a volcano, as they regenerate themselves after burning fiercely.

Lake of Fire
[...]the hieroglyphs talk several times of a “Lake of Fire” or “Lake of Flames.” From a geological standpoint we have, just west of Lake Victoria, near the source of the Nile, the Virunga Mountains (Smoking Mountains).

There are eight great volcanic cones more than 10,000 feet high: Nyamulagira, Nyiragongo, Mikeno, Karisimbi, Vishoke, Sabinyo, Gahinga, and Muhavura (M’fumbiro). Only Nyamulagira and Nyiragongo are still active, and eruptions and lava flows are frequent."

Don't know if this helps your overall theory at all but there you go :-)


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