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Hello all,

jb} Isn't this new "64th Controversy" a little premature .. being that the "64th Controversy Thoth" thread .. ended all muddled up?

Thoth originates in the Pyramid Texts ..! {his name appearing almost 80 times}

So why weren't the Pyramid Texts consulted? Why when Wilson wrote ... "I was looking more for what the ancient Egyptians saw, not modern views," did Wilson ignore "what the ancient Egyptians actually wrote" and agreed (calling Thoth a baboon) with only modern views?

Thoth was not a baboon .. he was a cynocephalus monkey .. a flying lemur .. and is portrayed in the Texts and on the Nascan plateau as such .. {§ 387 wing of Thoth .. § 596 wing of Thoth .. § 593 wing of Thoth .. § 976 wing of Thoth}

In {§ 1472 below} of the Pyramid Texts .. Isis speaks directly to the Nascan Thoth .. {note Thoth has only 9 fingers and is clearly floating .. as hellped by the gods!}


Utterance 572 (§ 1472) ... How lovely to see, how pleasing to behold! Says Isis, when you ascend to the sky...the gods who are on the earth assemble for you, they place their hands under you, they make a ladder for you that you may ascend on it to the sky...!


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