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No, we don't question who built the great edifices of Rome and Greece, or how they were constructed. But then, the Romans and the Greeks didn't construct anything from blocks weighing 50 to 200 tons! I understand there are only a couple of cranes in existence that can shift weights of up to 200 tons, and each move requires months of planning. Just moving the crane itself is a huge, complex feat. So how, exactly, DID the various monunment builders of the past move those enormous blocks? With ropes and pulleys? What kind of rope is there that won't break under the strain of hoisting a block weighing more than two blue whales? And how would you get the ropes out of the way so that the block fits precisely with the other blocks around it? And to what do you attach the ropes--slaves on ramps? There are people who can bench press 350 pounds or more. How many such strongmen would it take to move a 200 ton block? How many would you need to move hundreds and hundreds of multi-ton blocks? When they died of exhaustion and injury, where would you bury their bodies? To those who advocate the slaves-hauling-stones-up-a-ramp theory, I think it's already been established that the ramp itself would need more material than the actual monument, would completely cover the monument as it was being built (thereby preventing the supervisors from checking the accuracy of their progress), and would need to be dismantled and dumped somewhere (and no such dumping grounds have ever been found in relation to any pyramid structure, in Egypt or elsewhere).

No Greek or Roman structure raises those questions, which is why we don't debate their construction!

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