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Dear All,

Since coming to this site a few weeks ago I have become enthralled by the volume of interest there is out there into 'Alternative' history, and in particular the search for 'Lost Civilisations'.

All who know me on this site will know my misgivings and scepticism. However, as I read more into this whole area I intend to pose more questions. I am neither an academic nor a Dr..

I have been reading Fingerprints and surfing the net perusing other sites that contributors have suggested. I am amazed at the number of alternative views and theories out there. One thing that has struck me particularly is the fact that the theories relating to 'Lost Civilisations', and the search for evidence for same, all appear to centre on sites and places which are still mysteries, even for 'Orthodox' historians.

I have read Graham's questions over how the Incas could so accurately carve huge stones at Machu Picchu, and who were the Viracocha. Central to all this is the accepted belief that the Viracocha existed as real corporeal beings, and that the Incas really couldn't have possessed the technical skills to cut these huge stones. (these are just examples of the processes used to reach conclusions and are not meant to be taken as the central points of my thesis).

I have never heard any 'Alternative' theories being raised about places such as Rome and Athens, or Roman and Greek societies. Perhaps a reason for this is that both those cultures have an almost unbroken recorded lineage with the modern world.

We don't claim the Coliseum must have been the work of a far more ancient culture than the Romans. Why? Because its origins are well documented. Alternative theories exist in the space where there is a break between the cultures that existed and the modern world. We also view the 'Technology' questions with the strange, to me at least, attitude that these peoples were too primitive to have built such structures, therefore the buildings MUST come from an earlier era, and it happens that we know nothing of this era.

Why are the technology mysteries not found in Rome, or Athens? Could it be possible that these 'Ancient' forgotten technologically advanced cultures existed only in remote sites and left no 'Trace' of their existence in Europe, for instance? It appears to me that where there are gaps in the historical lineage that 'Orthodox' history/science have not yet explained so too abound the 'Alternative' theories. Theories full of grandiose romantic beings and cultures, and in some cases alien beings. They appeal to our more primitive less rational instincts. They also appeal to our vanity, to that part of us that yearns for real 'Civilisation'. We had it once, lost it, let us find the route back. It is there if we can only decipher the clues. Humans, like nature appear to abhor a vacuum!!

And what of the Viracocha? Most, if not all, human societies have their religious icons. Christianity has God and his earthly incarnation Jesus. The Incas had the Viracocha. The two have much in common, with great wisdom and great powers. They both walked the earth as men and they both 'Disappeared', Jesus to heaven and the Viracocha into the sea. Is it not entirely possible that the Viracocha is a South American Jesus whose origins stem from around the time of the birth of Christianity? If so isn't it entirely possible that the 'Concept' was transported from Europe or the Middle East?

Did either exist with the 'Supernatural' powers ascribed to them? For me personally, the answer is no. But that is another story.

Best to all


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