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I will be first to admit that Sitchin is suspect in some of his historical assay..allong with interperetation of script.

Yet..the chapter....' Forging the Pharaohs name' his book..'The Stairway to Heaven' is laid out reasonably.

have read a few accounts by third party's who explain what critics of this period were really saying.

they try to explain Birches suspiscions..Gardiners...others.

spin defer the accounts of make their comments actually support Vyse in the end.

Myself..have a gut feeling Vyse did commit fraud.

its the flow of information..the info Vyse recorded in journals..and the time element attached.

how suspiscious is it when others have been inside pyramids..found nothing in the way of confirmation script...
then Vyse appears in a time period of competition and public fame...and finds confirmatory 3 pyramids.

Vyse is hailed for his second discovery..promoted to rank of general....
then amazingly Vyse and Perring produce Pharaoh Zosers name ..of course...written in Red Paint.

The timing of the Red Paint cartouche script..with the appearence and accessability of Vyse and Perring to notaries of the day...
with the script error matching exactly the script errors in the recent or period Egyptian script books is highly suspiscious.

several individuals back in England baulked immediately at the script conveyance..allong with time marker allotment connected to claimed bones and coffin remains.

I reread ' Forging the Pharaohs name' several times....

the revelations..being produced in certain time connection to ongoing projects by others...hints that Vyse was time managing his endplay.

for me..the one damming aspect is the direction of several of the cartouches...they are made per the limitation of the script writters reach..and make no regards to a Pharoah who wishes to convey his ownership...nor a scribe of the period assigned to do so properly.

the script appears...incorrect in form...positionally out of sync in handling as per origen.

in one case...the vault is blown open...and script occurs at the far end of the vault...and is directionally inconsistant.

Sitchin may be way off the mark on much of his discourse as per Humanities conveyance of all things ancient...

yet his slueth workings in Stairway to Heaven are reasonable..and point form..forward and back the suspiscion that Vyse commited fraud.

what views have you on this?


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