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Hello Elantara ,
The spherical stones that you write about in Japan are called TAMAISHI. The text below is a copy of an article I wrote under the alias of Auroculture last year in October. This article is a brief overview of the Hi-story of the Worship of Light.

..................Thank you for your last posting. I believe that you have nailed really well the story of what happens when “the Light” begins to descend more deeply into the inner nature of humankind both individually and collectively. Its descent is met by a massive unconsciousness that engulfs “the Light “ and thereby the Truth of its purpose and origins. All that humankind is left with is a sense of an all pervading falsehood that serves the work of running the human mind around in cycles of conflictive philosophical thought. Your thoughts have brought to the surface the contention of what really is the Truth when all we have to work with is the story and record of oral traditions, written myths and legends, cultural legacies and of course religion ?

The GHMB is a wonderful practical idea. Yes I have just recently decided to participate in its creative work. I would like to equate this message board to shafts of penetrating light that are collectively working upon and removing a dirt and grime, a black veil of ignorance that is covering a crystalline window that provides insights into the hi-story and the creative purpose and evolutionary plan of Divine Will on Earth. Like a shaft of light flowing and radiating through stormy clouds Graham has been able to open up a small insightful hole. Hopefully the collective action of the GHMB will be able to further expand this hole and allow the jigsaw puzzle of Hi-story to be reassembled into a picture the will be one of the agents for lifting a cultural-political-religious veil that is suppressing and hiding a most important perspective that is necessary for the advent of an awakening Truth consciousness.
Phew ! I’ll leave it at that and answer your last set of questions.

First of all I had better clarify and detail more so the Hi-story of the Sumeramikoto and the Sumera Family lineage. I would like to apologise for neglecting this important matter on my last posting as the Sumeramikoto more correctly represents a direct spiritual lineage that has the responsibility of representing the Creator God, the Divine Consciousnesses on Earth. The very first Sumeramikoto( AMATERASUHI OKAMI … The God who descends into the physical world with a physical body ) was charged with the mission of the construction of a new civilisation after the first great convulsion of Nature when the Earth became a great sea of mud. This great God king worked extremely hard for the birth of a new civilisation and as I said previously was much loved and revered by humankind. When this Sun God withdrew mirror rocks (KAGAMI IWA) were erected on Mount ……. so that they could remember the beautiful Sun God. The people of this time could not choose anything less than the Sun as a symbol to worship in memory of this beloved golden being. The Sunlight that reflected off these highly polished rocks was revered and worshiped as the Sun God himself. The mirror rocks were set at right angles to the sky and were approximately 3 metres in height. The usually fine cut rectangular surface edges had a highly polished surface that faced east towards the rising Sun. Next to this was a prayer stone that was covered by white gold. Upon this sacred object the Divine Spirit was believed to dwell or be symbolically present. Thus this spiritual practise was the origins of and the first form of Sun worship practise whereby the descending Spirit of the Sun God was revered and worshiped within the descending rays of sunlight. It needs to be noted here that TSURUGI ROCKS or TATEISHI (Sacred standing stones) were also used in ultra-ancient times as mediums for Sun worship practise.

The misunderstanding that I want to clarify is that the people in this time mistakenly thought that this Ancient Sun God was the Creator God because of his great reconstruction work after the first great convulsion of nature. This first practise of Sun worship did not suffice as a means to fully practise their love for this great being, and so they began to erect and worship TAMAISHI the mysterious Sacred stone of Japan. Thus people began for the first time to worship “God” within their homes. This occurred in places of honour on special altars made of rock.

The TAMAISHI stone is a sacred stone with a spiritual nature. This round granite rock that has obsidian within it grows into a perfect sphere. This Sacred rock is born from a Mother rock like a child is pushed from the womb and out through the birth canal of a Mother. This phenomena is an arrangement that is in part saying that what is now know as Japan is HINO MOTOTSU KUNI ….. the land of origin of spirit. These truly wonderful stones can be found in the ….. district. One can find rocks everywhere which conceive Tamaishi. According to people in this region the Tamaishi range in size from one to seven inches in diameter.

The Kagami Iwa were erected during the ancient megalithic civilisation. The Sun worship that accompanied Kagami Iwa , Tamaishi and Tateishi stone worship practises have mutated from this ancient time. Climatic change throughout the ages has had much do with this. The onset of the Grasha Ice age was the prime driving force behind this with the HIMOROGI stones (Kagami Iwa , Tamaishi and Tateishi ) moving from the mountainous regions to the low lands of what is now known as Kyushu. For example on Goto Island near Kyushu one can find ancient houses on the mountain peaks. Originally the ancient shrines in the high mountain regions were made of rock and had no roofs. They were naturally open to the air. In time though and with the ages passing by it became physically difficult to move and reconstruct the stone altars and Himorogi. The existence of Himorogi on these mountain tops poses the interesting question of how they were constructed and moved into these high mountains regions.
In the Toyama prefecture ancient giant trees came to replace the great stone monoliths as vehicles for the descent of Divine Spirits to Earth. The tree that became the focus for this spiritual practise was the Japanese Cyprus. (HINOKI) With the advent of time these trees were enclosed within a walled compound and thus became the forerunner of the Shinto Shrine that we know of today. As time and the ages once again saw the centre of culture spread from one region to another, this compound eventually transformed into an enclosed Japanese Cyprus dwelling, a shrine that held and preserved holy symbols and religious artifacts. The modern day equivalent of these original Shrines is the Ise Imperial Ancestors Shrine at Ise. This Grand Shrine is the sacred heart and soul of Japanese Shinto religion.

In present day Japan a mirror has replaced the Tamaishi stone. This mirror, the mirror of YATA is the focus for prayer in Shinto shrines and is thus the present day form of ancient Sun worship. In some shrines these mirrors have “ I am that I am” written in the Hebrew language. It is important to understand here that the Wooden wands made of Cyprus (Sakaki Himorogi) represent the ancient Himorogi and the ritualistic movement of Sake plants in Shinto prayer practise is unfortunately a prayer of action that was devised to consciously oppose the return and action of the Fire God lineage. In summary the spiritual practise of Sun worship has been misunderstood and distorted throughout Japan. It has been transformed from the ancient practise of SAIDAN ( Sacred Tamaishi ) to IWASAKA. (Cyprus wood).

A most powerful and technologically evolved form of Sun worship by the ancestral races was the phenomena of world wide Pyramid construction. If humankind is to truly understand the origins of this phenomena then one must begin their research with the Sumera family.

The very first Sumeramikoto( AMATERASUHI OKAMI … The God who descends into the physical world with a physical body ) established the Imperial Sumera family spiritual lineage. Upon his withdrawal the Sumera family line held the spiritual responsibility of cultivating and guiding the worldwide expansion of human civilisation. During the time of the Mu civilisation the Sumeramikoto divided the world up into 16 directions . Fifteen princes and one princess were sent out into these directions to develop civilised colonies that could eventually evolve into self independent nations of the Mu empire. The Imperial crest of this Sumeramikoto was a 16 pointed symbol that in time eventually transmuted into a 16 petalled chrysanthemum that is now the Imperial crest of the Japanese emperor. The evidence for the world wide presence of the Sumera family lineage is found in ancient civilisations all around the globe. The 16 petalled Sunflower, an imperial crest of the ruling God king, Pharaoh or Emperor is a common fingerprint that can found throughout ancient civilisations. This symbol indicates that the royal family that oversaw the cultivation of this civilisation was of the Sumera family lineage. So much for the Theory of Isolationism. This theory is but part of the grimy mist and muck that is distorting insights through this crystalline window of history. Look above the “unopened east gate’ of Jerusalem and you will see the 16 petalled Sunflower. Look at the 16 petalled sunflowers on the Sumerian artefacts in the British museum. Look at the 16 petalled sunflowers on the breasts of Sekhmet at the bottom of the staircase that leads up to the Tutankhamon exhibition at the Cairo museum. Look closely at the tiny 16 petalled sunflower on the ceremonial dagger and the golden slippers(if they are turned over) of Tutankhamon. Look at …….. ,the fingerprints are everywhere !

In the middle east the Sumera Princess YOIROBA ADAMIBUHI AKAHITO MESOTAI brought the spiritual practise of Sun worship and the pyramid culture. The Great Pyramid of Giza which is now in a state of physical ruin originally had a KAGAMI IWA, a mirror rock at its apex. On the highly polished face of this mirror rock was the carved face of the Sun God. The ancient Egyptians worshipped the reflected Sunlight from this Himorogi stone. (Jeremiah 32:18-20 and Isaiah 19: 19-20) It was interesting to observe the Egyptian government back down on its intention to crown this pyramid with a golden apex for the 2000 millennium celebration at Giza. I wonder why ? Akitsu Shima (Sunland of the East) was the ancient name for Japan in Egypt whilst E JI PU TO means “branch land sprouting out.”
In the history of the middle eastern civilisations what and exactly who were the ancient Goddesses ? Who really was Innana and Ninhursag ?( Lady of the mountain head) Zecharia Sitchin directs some light on this matter when he identifies Ninhursag as the Mother Goddess. Her symbol(omega like sign ) was the “cutter” ,a tool that was used in antiquity by midwives to cut the umbilical chord after birth. It is interesting that this symbol has been identified by James Churchwood as a North American Indian cliff dweller symbol for creation. It also bears a close resemblance to a symbol that James Churchwood has identified as the hierarchical letter for M in the Royal Escutcheon of Mu. Was Ninhurgag a symbol of the continent of Mu and perhaps a royal head of Sumera family lineage? I would appreciate any helpful insight into this matter as I am currently researching particular aspects of the mysteries of Baalbek, Beka Valley and Nemrut Dagi. In this I am trying to gather evidence of the fact that the Sumeramikoto was not fixed at home so to speak. The Sumeramikoto and members of his lineage travelled extensively around the world and there is I believe here, records of such visits to and from the various colonies of the Empire of Mu. Perhaps Sitchins account of the visitation of the head of the Royal family to ancient Sumer is more so the touring of the Sumeramikoto into this region and not a descent from Niburu ?
........... it is difficult to refer you to any online site that works in this specific research area. What I have presented here is the surface so to speak of what I am delving into through first hand experience and secondary research. I have consciously left out some details so as to protect the research areas in question. I don’t want to be “spiritually spanked” so to speak for revealing study areas that hold artefacts that are of not only national treasures but of importance to the world wide book of hi-story. I have no doubt that there are agents who have the task of destroying or stealing artefacts that can illumine and remove this veil of falsehood. Thankfully in Japan many artefacts and records are safely secure in Shinto temple treasure houses. Any way there is enough in what has been posted to help those who are guided, to find and verify first hand what has been laid out in this posting.

Finally a good example of what I am indicating above concerns the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982. Under the guise of being asked to help the Christians in war torn Beirut the Israeli army was accompanied by crack SAS units. These special force units were given the task of finding and “returning” archaeological treasures back to Israel. Throughout Lebanon at prime archaeological sites these teams were observed making precise observations that finally defined a position where a stone chest was dug up. It must be said here that these special Golani Brigade units knew the precise location of these stone chests. This extraction work was co-ordinated and conducted with a military like precision. It eventually saw most of Lebanon’s ancient temple artefacts safely on there way back to Israel. Does Israel have a secret agenda concerning the history of civilisation in the Middle East ? The common thought throughout Lebanon is that there “agents” who are trying to cover up and disguise the Truth that civilisation in the Middle East has its origins in the Beka valley. In time falsehood will have its last day and Gods Truth will stand unadulterated for all to see. This is a matter that has been decreed and so must I learn the way of non judgemental patience. “ Above blind fate and the antagonist powers, move less there stands a high unchanging will. To its omnipotence leave thy works result, all things shall change in Gods transfiguring hour.”


PS Do you have any insights into the ancient age of the Veda, in particular the historic time when the Rama Empire existed. What I know is that this once colony of the Empire of Mu was and is the finest example of a spiritual civilisation. I am also conducting research into the Sumeramikoto age in Australia and thus the expansion of this great spiritual empire into Australia. I will be travelling to Tamil Nadu next December to further this research matter and any insightful leads will be appreciated.

Regards auroma

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