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As you still claimeto be "shocked" by my comments, I suggest you avoid any further afiliation with these AOM threads as I can't be held responsible for how they might affect you.

All the same, for what it is worth, I apologize if I gave you - hera - cause for offence by my off-hand reference to an obscure point not directly related to the subject matter at hand (but of personal interest to me).


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Re: Ignorance is Bliss 188 hera 25-Apr-03 20:10
Off-hand Comment 204 AOM-Presenter 29-Apr-03 16:44
Re: Off-hand Comment 176 hera 29-Apr-03 17:35
Apologies 188 AOM-Presenter 29-Apr-03 19:26
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Re: AOM: Inertia 201 nonconformist 26-Apr-03 20:05
Re: AOM: Inertia 116 M J Harper 29-Apr-03 17:42
Re: AOM: Inertia 164 DPCrisp 29-Apr-03 18:14
Re: AOM: Inertia 225 Dr. Sunil 29-Apr-03 18:29
Re: AOM: Inertia 167 jameske 29-Apr-03 18:51
Indus Valley Seals Deciphered 1178 Astikapati 29-Apr-03 21:44
Re: Indus Valley Seals Deciphered 311 Dr. Sunil 30-Apr-03 13:52
Re: AOM: Inertia 199 nonconformist 30-Apr-03 04:09
Re: AOM: Inertia 231 BrianAmbrose 30-Apr-03 10:46
Re: AOM: Inertia 171 Doug 30-Apr-03 13:15
Re: AOM: Inertia 272 M J Harper 30-Apr-03 15:40
Re: AOM: Inertia 142 Doug 30-Apr-03 17:22
Re: Stupidity vs Ignorance 163 Doug 25-Apr-03 21:20

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