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Here's a link that works...


It explains how the Sothic 1460 year cycle moves one degree every four years and how these four years equate with the 1460 day Earth/Venus cycle etc...

The Sothic Year

The Sothic Year (heliacal rising of a star coincident with the start of the solar year) is 1460 years, after which time one year is added to this total to make 1461 years to bring the solar year into synchronization with star time - which is called the tropical year. The Sothic Year can be understood if one takes the solar year as 365 days and a tropical star year as 365.25 days. Without intercalation (correction) the solar year lags . 25 years behind the tropical star year each year so that it takes 1460 years until the systems are again synchronized, with a difference of 1 full year. Egyptologists think the Sothic Year was tied to Sirius (Sothis) but this was originally surely not so, since Sirius apparently became important only with the Papyrus of Ebers. As Eduard Meyer wrote, no Egyptian source ties the Sothic Year to Sirius.

The same basic system is used to intercalate a leap day every 4 years, i.e. 4 x 365 days = 1460 days but 4 x 365.25 days = 1461 days, which is why we have leap years and add February 29 every 4 years to our calendar. In 1460 years (the Sothic Year) we thus add 365 such leap days or one full year.

The Dynasties 1 through 6 add up according to Manetho on the one hand to 1480 years and on the other hand to 1497 years, so that these sums surely represented Sothic year-days of 1460 days viz. years, with a possible precessional intercalation of either 20 day-years or 37 day-years. Such an intercalation would have been required in any case for astronomical data since Manetho calculated the figures thousands of years after the fact.

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