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Checked out that new chronology but that still raises a lot of questions. According to that chronology the Great Pyramid was started even before Snefru was born and that also contradicts the theories of who built the Great Pyramid.

Then again one need only to look at Robert Bauval's dating of 2450 BC +25 years = 2425 BC to place the dating inside the lifetime of Khufu.

I went down a dead-end on that one.

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It couldn't have been Khufu 485 Ingemar Svensson 21-Nov-00 15:09
RE: It couldn't have been Khufu 214 Bryan 21-Nov-00 15:27
RE: It couldn't have been Khufu 312 Ingemar Svensson 21-Nov-00 19:25

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