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"Kate Spence's" astronomical datings of the Great Pyramid point to a date of 2478 BC +-5 . Since this was, according to Spence, the way in which they aligned the pyramid to north than that would have to mean that the date specifies the start of the building process since you can't align a pyramid after it has been built.

It's also commonly stated that it took decades to build the pyramid. That suggests that the pyramid wasn't finished until around 2460-2400 BC.

Now let's look at when Khufu lived. This was between 2551 BC and 2528 BC according to Egypt's Ministry of Tourism. It seems like Khufu was long dead before the pyramid was even started.

The orthodox theories about the subterrainean and Queen's chambers is that they were prepared as burial chambers in case Khufu died during the construction of the pyramid. This is totally out of the question if Khufu was already dead.

The question is when Khufu actually lived. Is his chronology of the fourth dynasty so uncertain that one could change the period of when a person lived by 50-100 years.

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