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Hi there EWS.

I thought we'd resolved this. You are going to write a considered in-depth critique of my treatment of the Piri Reis map and I have agreed to publish it as an appendix to a reprint edition of Fingerprints next year. This surely must be an extraordinary step for an author to take and one worth some recognition even by you. Of course your critique will also be posted on this website.

But I am not going to be drawn into doing this piecemeal, with you bringing up specific queries related to your critique every few days along the way and expecting me to answer them piecemeal. That's a complete waste of time, and I have a book to write.

Research and write your critique. I will put it up on this website. I will publish it as an appendix to Fingerprints.And if at that point I consider it appropriate to debate with you, then you can be certain that I will.

Bi for now, Graham

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