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Dear Mr. Hancock,

Here is that info that I found this evening.

The show was on The Learning Channel

Title- Atlantis: In Search of a Lost Continent

Host- Richard Krat

There gave acknowledgment to a civilization that lived around 12,000 years ago..(you had not yet appeared on the program)

Your first appearance was for 24 seconds and (I don't quote you here) To sum it up you spoke about how it was possible anchient culture may have carried a language and knowledge to other more uncivilized cultures throughout the world.

Second appearance, was for you longest time of a whopping, 27 seconds! This is where I got to learn about the ledgend of Solon (<~spelling??) and his apprehending information about and older civilization of Atlantis, and how the world periodically is faced with a disaster.

Third appearance, for a breif 8 seconds. You introduced the idea of old maps with mysterious pictures of Antarctica

Fourth Appearance for 15 seconds This is where I got to see your mention Peri Reis map, and its multiple sources.

Last Appearance was for a good 15 seconds where you disgussed Charles Hapgoods theory of Earth Crust Displacement, and how the crust shifts like an orange.

At this point they disguess Hapgood career breifly, and how it was ruined because of those theories. Then they brought University of Hawaii geologist Floyd McCoy in to debunk the theory. That there was ice on Antarctica for as long as 400 million years and at least 40,000 years. Geologists had specualated the earth had not moved or had any Earth Crust displacement and that it has stayed reletivley the same for the last 12,000 years.

So maybe this jogs your memory, of this particual show. I am sorry for my lack of articulate info, when I brought up the subject in this question.

So to repeat my question. What this fair to you? Have you run accross similar treatment? This particular show seemed to give everybody at least a good fair of time. Yet they didn't touch on the theory of Antarctica or Central or South America with very little information.

Thank you Graham



P.s. its to late and Im
to tired and lazy for me to
spell check
please forgive me.

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