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I saw the "Chariots of the Gods" television programme with von Daniken & Graham on Discovery 2 or 3 nights ago. von Daniken came across on the programme as slightly over zealous & passionate about his theories. Graham on the other hand was quite methodical about his answers & seemed ready for the questions.

The point I'm making is it could be von Danikens style that is thought of as unorthidox. He is intently passionate about what he believes in & I could believe that some of his points have some validity. He detailed an ancient site (who's name has fell out my brain!) where stone had been cut with laser precision. This was very interesting. But could he just be underestimating the abilty of man on this subject?
He also detailed "el astronauto" in Nazca which to me is one of the most important mysteries.

How cool would it be to get von Daniken & Graham together to dicuss their theories & evidence. Maybe they could get things moving a bit more quickly.
Would make an interesting afternoons chat don't you think??? : )
Take care


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