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The first time most people heard about the Peri Reis map, (15th century Turkish map, showing the continent of Antarctica, before it was even discovered) was in "Chariots of the Gods". The first time I heard about it was in a book setting out to knock his ideas. In this book, they "proved" that in fact Antarctica looked nothing like it was on the map. This book settled it for me for a long time - Von Daniken was a nut. So along comes Hancock and "Fingerprints" and lo and behold - the reasons it looks nothing like Antarctica are a.) it shows the continent beneath the ice-cap , not the ice pack as they claimed and b.) it is a particular type of map (spherical projection). So you see, Von Daniken and Hancock's ideas are not necessarily in conflict, there is overlap as well. Nonetheless, the claim can be made that Graham is a bit more careful and meticulous, in his research and in his conclusions.
Steve Y.

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