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Hi Brad and Julia! I appreciate you like my postings on this message board despite my sometimes poor writing. Maybe we don't agree on everything as you said. Indeed I believe the truth lies somewhat between Mr. Hancock ideas and those of Mr. Von Däniken.
Concerning the point of Von Daniken getting a TLC special...
he's the founding father of 'alternative history' and has written on the subject since i believe 1968. Hancock only began to develop his ideas in the '90 s. Also, when reading their respective books, I have to say Von Däniken is much more elaborate and better informed. This is no surprise since he's the veteran. I would really like to see Von Däniken and Hancock in discussion with eachother. Maybe an idea for a show or book?
Apparantly however they've never met as Mr. hancock wrote to me in an earlier message on this board.

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