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Just wanted everyone to know that Robert Bauval is not the first to experience the capriciuous forces of NATURE. When the cold fusion controversy erupted back in the late 1980s, the scientific establishment brought all its considerable powers to the forefront in order to discredit this valid discovery of anomalous heating in deuterium-palladium cathodes. NATURE played its part by only presenting the critics of the research and not allowing any of the successful researchers to present papers.
Perhaps you're wondering, as I am, why established science would be so vehemently against such a thing - Science is all about the pursuit of knowledge, right? Yet, in spite of hundreds of labs around the world continuing to report evidence of cold fusion, cold fusion was "pronounced dead" as long ago as 1990, and mainstream science and the media remain mute about a legitimate unexplained phenomena. In fact "unexplained" lies at the heart of the matter. Cold fusion simply cannot be explained through modern quantum physics, ergo, it must not exist. The possibility there might be something fundamentally wrong with modern science cannot be entertained.
This points to a disturbing trend of increased dogma in the believers of modern science, a faith in its utter correctness which nonetheless requires putting on the blinders and earplugs whenever a countering voice is raised.

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