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I submit to you a summary of the results of my current research on the subject of Symbols Embedded in the Washington DC Map Layout.

I began this project, after having read a pamphlet written by Ed Decker (published in 1993), in which he shows an image of the pentagram and supposed square and compass in the DC map. There in he also mentions the House of the Temple (home for the Southren Jourisdiction of the
Scottish Rites Masons) located several block north of the White House on 16th Street, and Albert Pike, Grand Commander of the SJSR for 33 years; whose remains happen to be in a column in the HOT.

Please note that Decker is anti-Masonic; I am not. Nor am I a Mason. I am a philosophy student.

I beagn with the presumption that Masons did indeed have a lot to do with the planning of the Nation's Capitol, and after a little reading decided for myself that the most influential group of them after the Civil War was the SJSR. The Southern Jourisdiction, which had been headquartered
at Charleston, SC (at 33 degrees north latitude), moved to DC after the War.

Any one who reads Albert Pike's "Morals and Dogma" can see that two of the historical influences which he focuses on are, the Kabbala and the ancient Mystery Traditions, especially the Egyptian rites of Osiris and Isis. You will recall that after Osiris is sealed in the coffin, and thrown into the Nile, it comes to shore at Byblos (in Lebanon), where it is encompassed by a tree, and later taken up to become a column in the house or temple of the ruler there. In Revelations, the Bible says: him that overcometh, will I make to be a pillar in the temple.

Byblos reminds us of Bible, and bibliography, and bibliotek (library in German), and is connected with not only an ancient library, but also the invention of writing etc, as is Osiris in Egypt. At any rate, it appears that Pike was playing the part of Osiris when he had his library and remains donated to the House of the Temple.

After some years of study. I have come to see the DC landscape as a version of the Glass Bead Game, just as I do the Kaballa and Tree of Life; featuring many interlaced disciplines and systems of ideas. The thesis which I present, though multi-faceted, is the same as Decker's; that being, that the city planners utilized certain symbols as templates for areas of the DC map, the most obvious being, the pentagram, just north of the White House.

As I said before, the main influences which Pike points to are the Kabbala and the rites of Osiris, or Egypt. I found examples of both of these in the DC planning map.

If you look at the pentagram in the map, you will see that it appears wide, or short; and if you connect the dots down the sides, you arrive at ~52 degree base angles for the derived triangle (pyramid). But it gets better. You can actually see a cross-sectional image of the Great Pyramid in the DC map layout:


This animation shows an overlay of the pyramid onto the map:


Note that the pyramid image has been rotated 90 degrees on two different axiis, in order to be depicted on the ground, and facing east rather than north.

The whole set of pages dealing with that starts here:



On the left hand side (centered on 16th street), I found the Tree of Life image, as well as the pentagram, and Star of David; all of which derive from Metatron's Cube. As I pointed out, the base angles formed by the pentagram are ~52 degrees, instead of 60; meaning that they have
been shortened. That is exactly what I propose; that Metatron's Cube has been fore-shortened to produce ~52 degree angle triangles, so that inscribed circles become ellipses.

This part can be approached from many different directions, but I recommend here:


and here:



I deal with David Ovason's book, "Secret Architecture" here:


Only tangentially realted.


Here is an introduction page to the site:


and here is a directory of realted images:


Thanks for reading :-)

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