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Manu Wrote:
> You may have an original and publication-worthy
> theory in the making. Look at the pattern of the
> micro-gravimetry. I trust you will recognize what
> you've been looking for.

Thank you. Never thought about it.

A follow up to the OP later in the tread:

While these blocks do have the appearance of being one mass, which does leave the logical conclusion if so they would be made from the bedrock/hill which Hawass notes can be seen behind them, upon further inspection, however, I believe there is another possible reason for this appearance which also explains the thermal anomaly.

Looking again HERE, the vertical block behind Hawass's head has the same revealed smooth cement areas that are also seen on the modern vertical repair block. In the rough areas, a "stucco" finish, it also has the same dull grey color which extends to its joint with the core block to its right. Meaning, if correct, there is no joint because it is covered with cement stucco made to look like the rough finish of the ancient blocks. If you look at the left side of the modern repair block you can see the same stucco still in place.

If you look below at the smaller "vertical" block supporting the core block you can see that there is an edge section where the corner stucco veneer has fallen away revealing the smooth cement surface underneath. On the lower faces of this block and the long vertical block behind it to the left we can see the grey color, also seen in the joint areas, which gets lighter towards the top of the block.

To see this all better, go this site HERE and scroll down to the enormous photo of Hawass standing in front of this area. Looking again at this area compared to the thermal scan:

[What] We can see is that these "hot spots" appear to correspond directly with the cement stucco faces and joints of adjoining blocks in which other areas, expected to be hotter, a smattering of pitted low lying areas, gaps between blocks, ect.

We would also note that the core block sits on the same plane as the horizontal block that supports it. The core block, with no cement stucco on its outward face, is cool as a cucumber whereas the horizontal block below it, still mostly covered in a stucco veneer is hot getting cooler towards the top where the stucco has started to wear away. If you note the edge on this block where the stucco has fallen off it is cooler.

The problem here as well is that the long horizontal block, hot, is behind the core block, cool, yet the supporting block below it is hot. If a chamber or void behind this area were the cause then the core block would be just as hot as the horizontal block supporting it, but it is not. The difference is that the two horizontal blocks have modern stucco whereas the core block does not. Except at i[t']s joint which has stucco which as expected shows hot.

If correct, to scrape away this modern cement stucco veneer this "thermal anomaly" would magically vanish. Officials said of the anomaly: "possible causes included the existence of empty areas inside the pyramid, internal air currents, or the use of different building materials". I think modern cement stucco would qualify as a "different building material". Also:


"The first row of the pyramid's stones are all uniform, then we come here and find that there's a difference in the formation," Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al-Damati said as he showed reporters the three stones showing higher temperatures.

The "three" blocks (it would appear they are counting the long vertical block as two which it would be without the modern cement covering up the joints) that just so happen to have this cement on them.

Here is another image of the scan, I assume taken at a cooler time of day:

Compare the red areas on the horizontal blocks to the corresponding "blackened" and shadowed areas of these same blocks:

They are almost a mirror image of each other.

So, while there is a bedrock hill in this area, which may still be part of the explanation, alas I am afraid the appearance of these blocks as one mass may actually be the result of modern cement stucco repairs which seem to correspond exactly to the thermal anomaly. I am left to consider that regardless of whatever the extent of the voids/fissures in the bedrock hill are there, the readings are rather, at worst in part, the result of a surface temperature differential on these particular blocks from the use of modern cement stucco.

I suspect the reason why no new word has come of this "discovery" in over 3yrs, which I doubt we will ever hear of it again from this group, is because they did not understand the archaeology behind it and were oblivious to the existence of these modern repairs. It is only after the fact they have learned in reality there is no "anomaly" here after all, just the temperature differential of the material of modern cement stucco and perhaps, to some extent, a natural fissure in the bedrock behind this area. Or maybe they did know and made a big deal of it anyways to make it seem like something sensational was there to drum up interest for more funding.

Regardless, while there is no "secret chamber" to be had, this area did require ancient repairs for some reason, no different than other areas like the northeast corner I have shown, which I think is still a worthwhile mystery which unfortunately is being ignored. Hint-these repairs could not have been made with casing stones in place....

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