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Dr. Conspiracy if that is what you want to be called.

I personally have done something that you have not done. I have given scientific evidence to the First Chapter of Genesis. If you have researched my post you will see I've left URLs that can be read and studied. Unlike you who berates the wind you give no explanation for your derision. You just want to curse the sky hoping to anger everyone, anyone, just as long as your hate grow seed.

I challenge you to take my points of scientific data concerning the book of Genesis that I've written on and point out where I am wrong. You will not because if you do you will focus attention on your lack of credibility. From my vantage point you are spitting in the wind. Show the forum how my mathematical analysis is wrong. Go point by point and show that my data is false. This you can not do with all your efforts.

Yes, Mr. Chatterbox. I call you that because you say much without adding anything to this forum other than your malice.

You're right about my belief that much of history as we read it did not take place. If you know anything about how history is recorded in modern days you would realize the hopeless task of recording it for the ages.

I grew up as a child believing BILLY THE KID died in the 1880s and that Wyatt Earp was a decent lawman, and that Davy Crockett died at the Alamo. As a man I learned the truth. Billy the Kid died after 1929, Wyatt Earp was one of the worst outlaws of our wild west, and Davy Crockett was a land grabbing con artist who help start the Mexican war with his nafarious ways. Being a congressman about to be given the boot he went down to Texas to sell non-existing American land to unsuspecting buyers. When Crockett did surrender he was marched through San Antonio and shot summarily.

The point I am making here is if this is recent history being rewritten for the masses what do you really believe has come down to us? History? Than I got some moon acreage to sell you.

You are liken to chicken little. But unlike chicken little that had the evidence of the rain you have nothing other than the fear of your own stupidy to fall back on. That is what dropped on your head.

Bill Meegan

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