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Just saw this vid showing giant lime stone cylinders seemingly in situ at the quarry of origin.


Pieces of stone columns is no big deal. But in situ within the hole they came from, with equally smooth sides from the original bedrock they were cut from, with a gap between cylinder and outer circular wall being too small for a person, let alone a person swinging a hammer. This quarry is a very important I think. Can anyone find evidence of a column fabrication technique that wasn't turned into a cylinder after having been removed from the bedrock, rather than cutting it AS a cylinder from the original bedrock, (implying an absolutely giant metal hole saw), and showing the surrounding bedrock from where they were cut appearing like a cookie cutting sheet.

BUT WHAT IS CURIOUS, is that at several points throughout the vid, (so many and so soon, I didn't bother to put times down), you can see these cylinders from a normal side perspective that seems to show that they have the same tapering that the Petrie Cores show. And you can see some spiraling grooves, although these look very weathered so spirals are not clear.

Can I conclude these cores are mostly tapered like the Petrie cores, or is it an optical illusion from the photography angles? Because if you were to stand at the base of one of these cores and look up at it, the perspective will make it appear as a cone tapering in an upwards direction.

Beyond that question, I'm fascinated by the implication of this quarry find. I'm interested in the perspective of those who think this is nothing big and can be explained easily.

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