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The GP diagonal, from its NE to SW corners, is key in positioning - a setting harmonious with Earths axis, which targeted pole star Vega 4500 BC & Polaris in the present era. The entire Giza layout was determined from G1's location

Ref. Topographicale map: 3-4-5 Pythagorean triangle:

The 45┬░diagonal, which I dubbed the Sothis line, was GoogleEarth measured by Dune to 14,66 miles... []

Other than degrees of angle and the relationship thereof with progression of time, in context of Earth's orbital dynamics respective our host star, I confess to being unfazed by the intricacies regarding measurements or significanct numbers. Therefore, am grateful for the pool of math and the depth of variety on offer here.

I do however grasp the intricacies relating to 'the message of Giza'. Beyond that, I see little purpose in subjection the 'memo' itself to forensic analysis - the patch of sand in which it is written... does not provide instructions for manufacture. The Giza construct merely aids a reverse engineering exercise, whereby it becomes clear just how much catching up 21st Century education system has.

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