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Around Earth different sacred sites align with each other and seem to follow template. Some locations align to show star constellations and others align to represent planets, mapping out a solor system.
This link shows how some temples in Egypt , representing planets not only aligne with each other but use the Nile as a marker to represent the milky way. The Nile also represents the spine of Osiris and the temples marked out represent chakra points
Different myths from around Earth where they belive their God is part of the earth,
Different chakra trails from around Earth
If different trails around Earth follow the same template, we would see this ?

From a Facebook post

If you take the map of Egypt and you overlay it on top of the south eastern part of North America, you will see that everything matches up 100%. The easiest and most efficient way of doing this is for you to overlay the Egypt map, and match up "Cairo, TN" with "Cairo, Egypt." Once you do this you will notice that not only do the names of each city in both locations match, but the shape of the land masses on each map, match up 100%.

The Mississippi river Representing the milky way

Could we not now use the same template for the Ganges
The situation of the sources of the Ganges in heaven identifies it with the mikyway it was the Ganges that stood for the galaxy and it’s from Mahabharata and the puranas tell us how the link was conceived.

So If the Ganges is identified with heaven, could there be lost temples along the Ganges that represent chakra points, a map of our solar system and it represents the spine of a worshiped deity, here deep mentions some temples along the Ganges

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