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Hi David, Jim W, and Jim A and any others fascinated by this discussion so far,

I decided to get a bit of much needed rest before continuing any more input to this topic as well as my own devoted specifically to this issue you see so well now David. How's the view from atop that 500 unit Pi GP? :) I think old Jacob would be impressed to see how you have commenced to fractionalizing like an Egyptian in your analysis methods. LOL! Strangest dream I had before waking up refreshed somewhat when I found myself gazing at some sort of memorial monument to the great civil battle of Metrology, all moss covered over like one would expect to see at any historic National location point of some epic event. The only names upon it I could make out were John Greaves, and oddly enough John Neal's, but there were many more I never got a better view of before my slumber was interrupted by daylight once again. The monument was situated right in the middle of a big crossroads point, which was also very interesting to me to observe. And in trying to interpret this dream knew it had something to do with this most crucial of all matters pertaining to what historical perspective road one came down to meet at this epic point. It was beginning to take on all the elements one might expect of the old Delta blues singers of the past like Robert Johnson's Deal with the Devil at a similar crossroads, trying desperately to achieve fame and stardom, only to be later glorified by such contemporary musicians as Eric Clapton riding on his coattails long after old Johnson was dead and gone still broke and penniless.

I am somewhat glad I opened up my topic specifically to address these issues so as not to distract too much from Jim Alison's article presented here for comments and analysis. Only there hasn't been too much comment and analysis regarding it except our own it seems. We are all seasoned veterans of this Metrology subject after all, and few and far between have accumulated as much background knowledge pertaining to the subject which takes so much time and effort to achieve. So that is no big wonder either. It is just an issue of who this article Jim Alison wrote expects his audience to likely interest. Would it be a general movie going public, or an academic one, or a somewhat radical bunch like ourselves. :) That is what I was getting at in my last post to him concerning the pains and effort it took to write such a detailed presentation. It is always somewhat prudent to err on the side of caution in these controversial matters I think, is what his intentions were by abbreviating figures and values of these old units the way he did. Because to go any further has such dramatic consequences, which I'm sure he is aware of and us also. Namely how one defines human progress itself, whether in terms of Ideals, or terms of Technological achievements. Because the technological achievements of humanity have accelerated so much since the time of the adoption of the current Metric standards, instead of any recollected remains of a former one which we now see so clearly stated in these old tomes of forgotten Metrological lore as Greaves and others. John Michell's Canonical model of Earth geodetic proportions and measures was born from the ashes of those former Ideals and not current Technological metric achievements. And it would appear those two elements will always be at odds with one another unfortunately. There will always be nostalgic parties such as ourselves who would agree that those still regarded primitive "Antients" got it right the first time as opposed to modern academic principals of human progress measured in dazzling technological achievements. The modern academic based world mentality already knows I'm sure, that it can't take another step forward without either falling off a proverbial Flat Earth abyss, or stepping back into the Past once again as we have done in recent years. So where does the Future lie ahead because of this situation? Only Time will tell I guess.

May all of our Futures be Merry and Bright on this Holiday season,


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