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Merrell Wrote:
> Despite its appearance, the Yonaguni Monument is a
> natural formation.

"Marine geologist Masaaki Kimura claims that the formations are man-made stepped monoliths".

"Some of those who have studied the formation, such as geologist Robert Schoch of Boston University, state that it is most likely natural".

"German geologist Wolf Wichmann, who studied the formations in 1999 during an expedition organized by Spiegel TV, and in 2001 by invitation of Graham Hancock, concludes that it could be formed by natural process".

I have no opinion on Yanaguni either which way, but where is the statement of fact in this Wikipedia article that Yonaguni is natural Merrell? There is none and yet as so often you do you make a one line obtuse "statement of fact" with link to a source yet when one actually reads the source it does not say what you claim it does. It is truly baffling how consistently and methodically you misrepresent the sources you uncritically site.

And how rich is that that now Schoch's opinion is held in such high regard it might as well be fact. Funny how the same treatment of him isn't found in the Sphinx article.

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