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The European and middle-eastern branch of X belongs to X1. The Native American branch is X2a. The related lineage X2 is found in central Asia in the Altai Mountains. Neandertals were also present in the Altai which may correlate with the higher proportion of neandertal sequences found in Native Americans. In fact, all 5 Native American mtDNA groups are found in the Altai. The Altai appears to be that lone dot of X DNA on your map in the middle of Central Asia. But as you noted, these DNA lineages are not found collectively in Siberia near the theoretical Beringia. Similarly, the long-skulled phenotype of South America was also found in Central Asia. This is truly a mystery, but it somehow connects Native Americans to Central Asia in several respects.

EDIT: I found that, based on more-recent information, the X2 haplogroup is found in Europe but mainly X2b and X2c.

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