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There is something about Glen few know and which I want to share here which I also wrote on my public Facebook page to honor him. A year ago, Glen sent an e-mail to Robert Schoch and me. My jaw dropped reading what he had written. Despite the risk to his reputation, he wanted to reach across the divide between the establishment and the anti-establishment. He wanted to have an open dialog about the dating of the Giza monuments. He wanted to find a way to break through the ideological impasse and communication barrier between the entrenched camps. Some time later, he asked me if there was anything he could investigate for us because he was about to begin a new Sphinx survey. Besides the invaluable contributions Glen has made to Egyptology from which many researchers from all sides have benefited, few know that he was actively seeking out common ground based on evidence to bridge the ideological divide. This has left a profound impression with me. I will remember him for that and hopefully pass his legacy forward whenever I can. Bon Voyage, Glen.

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