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Could perhaps one of the resident experts help me out with what has turned into a particularly confusing problem concerning Giza's pyramids?

Since I'm trying to work with pyramids for which pyramidia have been located in order to try to understand what a typical relationship between a pyramid and its pyramidion might look like, and Janosi has reported on the finding of the pyramidion from G3-c, that makes G3-c seem like a very attractive subject to work on. []

I have a small problem, however - as best as I can determine, this pyramidion is not quite all of four feet wide.

While I do not have data on the top width of the uppermost step of G3-c, Reisner's data demonstrates that G3-b and G3-c tend to be similar, and Reisner gives the uppermost width of G3-b as "Side of top of stage IV 5.89 m.?" = about 19.32415 ft. []

It's bad enough that next to G3-a (not to mention the rest of Giza's pyramids), G3-b and G3-c look rather like two plucked chickens next to one that still has all its feathers, but imagine this poor little pyramidion sitting up there on a platform roughly five times its width.

Vyse gives the total height of the pyramid as the total height of the four steps at 69 feet, six inches and the only other source I have on this, [] seems to follow suit.

Even if there were additional courses of a pyramidion between the top of G3-c and the pyramidion reported by Janosi that bridged the span between an almost 20 foot wide platform and a pyramidion not 4 feet wide as I have it, it's still difficult to picture the small pyramid that would have placed atop a step pyramid (atop which this pyramidion would sit) to achieve this, without thinking that the finished step pyramid with a small pyramid atop it, would be very strange looking and possibly without precedent.

I would almost have to think that either G3-b and G3-c have both have been robbed of their casings, yet I also find it very difficult to imagine that no trace should be left of their original perimeters. Surely they weren't going to just plop the lowermost casing stones down in the sand and be done with it, and yet the idea of foundation for a casing coming after the construction of the rest of the pyramid seems very bizarre somehow.

Google's German is not all that good, but I can't seem to find this curious matter discussed in Janosi's text.
Did some later excavation discover structure around G3-b or G3-c at some later, more recent date that would have provided support for a layer of casing stones? Is Janosi actually reporting on a pyramidion that does not belong to G3-c after all?

What this seems to mean, though, is that the baselengths we are given for G3-b and G3-c, which appear to be merely the width at the bottom of the lowest step (i.e., Vyse and Reisner), would not be their final intended ones, and nowhere have I been able to find what it would seem must have been a longer base width, in order to try to investigate the relationship between G3-c and its pyramidion.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the answer to this remarkable mystery? I'd be most grateful to have any.

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