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Here's a thought - Let's assume that the AE 'knew' precession. Let's say that they noticed, over a couple of centuries worth of observation, that there was a degree of drift every 72 years or so. Now we know that they were aware of the suns apparent movement along the ecliptic, the phases of the moon, Sirius' regular appearances prior to the innundation etc. and that they knew that these motions were cyclical. Taking it that they used the 360 degree convention we use today, it wouldn't have taken much to calculate the time it would take for the stars to return to their original position ie. one full precessional cycle. (360 x 72) Here's my point - how would they have known that Orion was at it's lowest dec. in 10500BC? How would they have known the 'start' point or 'end' point of a cycle?

Any thoughts?

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