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Graham Hancock write of the brotherhood. I for many years thought that the brotherhood, if there ever was such a thing, had to be dead and buried. I saw all the so-called mystery schools and knew them to be charlatans and money-grubbers. No real brotherhood would stoop to such a sorry state.

It people like Aliester Crowley and the Golden Dawn and other so-called recent brotherhoods that places a bad taste in one's mouth. These people wrote about the occult sciences but they were not saying anything. Having researched much of what they wrote about I began to realze that I did not need them because I knew more than what they were publishing and yet the sum total of what I knew you could not place in a thimble.

Then I began to come across some very inexplicable evidence that someone was placing books on library shelves leading the public around by the proverbial nose. There came also inexplicable evidence that someone was building monuments, not telling anybody, they were encoding the Esoteric Science in their structure.

Apparently people that understood the science work patiently alone or in a groups, working behind the scenes, leaving buried seeds so-to-speak in literature or monuments.

The science that I was independly decovering actually had modern day "TEMPLARS?" building monuments right under society's noses and not telling them what they did.

I believe that the mystery of all this is how could our society live in the midst of all this without realizing it. It shows you how selfcenter our society is. That is the mystery because when the individual realizes the beauty and magnitude of this hidden Esoteric Science society's knowledge would pale to insignificant. The realization of just how wrong orthodoxy can be. If our governments and educational institutions are this premative in comparison to the ancient knowledge individual the soul is lost unless he is given the grace of God.

If anything this Esoteric Science makes the individual creative, independent, and self-reliable. Government and so-called institutes of higher learn are not needed.

So no matter what the secrecy is with the brotherhood, or how shroud the evidnce is beneath monument and print the individual can discover it on his own if he truly desires it.


Bill Meegan
Graham Hancock wrote:
> Some religions in the modern world are already more than 4000
> years old -- so this says to me that religious ideas are
> capable of surviving for a very long time in human culture.
> Why not for 8000 years?
> Religious ideas often express themselves through architecture
> and these projects are often very long-lived with older
> buildings being added to and restored all the time.
> I'm only suggesting that the same sort of thing could have
> been happening at Giza -- that a very ancient religious idea,
> which expressed itself through architecture, was in play
> there from more than 12,000 years ago down to the end of
> Pharaonic civilisation. Indeed I would contend that that
> ancient idea is still alive today in many respects -- for it
> is obvious that the Egyptian religion had a great impact on
> many later religions.
> So essentially the hypothesis is that something of the order
> of a cult or a monastery established itself at Giza 12,500
> years ago, leaving a negligable footprint in the
> archaeological record. The ideas of this cult were preserved
> within an initiatory 'brotherhood' (or 'sisterhood' if you
> like -- but you know what I mean)that recruited new
> generations of members entirely amongst the local population
> of Egypt and preserved the essential religious, spiritual and
> architectural ideas of the cult for thousands of years...
> Please note, this is pure speculation, NOT facts! What I see
> are certain anomalies -- astro-architectural references to
> two widely-separated epochs in the same architectural
> complex. There is also certain geological evidence (Schoch
> and West on the Sphinx)which suggests an earlier phase of
> construction at Giza long before the third millennium BC. The
> brief hypothesis given above is, for me, is one way to
> explain these anomalies. But it may not be correct. And other
> better hypotheses might be suggested.
> I hope this helps. I do not have time to correspond with you
> fully on these matters because I am presently deeply immersed
> in writing a big book and also making a TV series on the
> book's theme.
> I hope, in about a year, to have more time to devote to this
> Message Board and to interesting individual queries such as
> yours.
> Best wishes, Graham

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