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I can't say when the pyramids were built and I can't say that other can either. The fact that a pharoah name was found in a pyramid is not evidence when it can be seen that no other writing is in the pyramid. The fact that the great pyramid had an additional covering is evidence that the pyramids could have been perserved for thousands of years before their covering were made to build the surrounding cities.

The fact that 10,500 BC pints to the ages of Leo I believe is significant because the Sphinx as John Anthony West demonstrated was built then. But because the Great Pyramid's shaft points to Taurus during the Age of Leo is significant because Taurus is the second sign. The three chambers of the Great Pyramids are monuments to the squareroot of #2.

It may well be that the Pharoah of 2500 BC as John West's team pointed out merely repaired the pyramids. Has anyone look for repairs done on the Great Pyramid?

Most people do not understand that the #2 and what it means conceptually is the message of the ancients. Once that concept was grasp nothing more was important but to transmit it to the untold generations of the future.


Bill Meegan

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