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Dear Mr. Hancock, and all others out there. A view days ago I posted a message as a reply. A part of this message i want to print here again as a new topic since I believe it contains a very important question that remains unanswered. I hope Mr. Hancock can provide an answer although I'm aware of his shortage of time.

"Also, Hancock points towards the fact that the shafts of the pyramid point towards 2500 BC. This, according to his view, points yet again to Cheops. Could be but...follow me on this one.
The builders clearly wanted to pass a message: in the year 10,500 BC something happened!! They putted some effort in making this point! Then...why o why, did they also point towards 2500 BC? Because that's when the pyramids were finished??? Quite a useless message and hereby totally unnecessary complicating matters. Why would they compromise their prime message? Who's idea was it to incorporate the second message? The original builders? impossible since they did not knew when the pyramids would be finished. The pharaos then? Yet again...did they possess the knowledge to do this? Why go through such lengths only to pass the simple message of completion of the site?
Also, one could elaborate on this. Why did the builders of the pyramids not leave a simple and clear message inside the pyramids? Graverobbers? Possible...still an inscription would have done just fine...So why this complicated method? There must be a reason we don't see yet. Indeed this is the issue of the 'timelock' which is a very interesting one. Clearly the builders didn't want primitive societies to 'unlock' the message. Why?"

Yep...I'm totally puzzled by this one. Although I'm a firm believer in the theory that the pyramids are much older as claimed, I cannot accept a building time of over 8,000 years.

with regards,
Ch. L.

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