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Well, it's so strange, really. Most of my compatriots from the 2000s seem to have died or have withdrawn from posting. Newbies should trawl those years: they were rich in ideas and people contributing. A few went on to publish.

Gary Osborn was onesuch. One of his oppos, Don Barone, seems to have retired. Shame. Don was a stickler for accuracy ('cept when he had a brainstorm). Bless!

Anyway. Gary makes a point on his moonfruit site that the "right side" of the maier pyramid evidences 23.5 degrees:

Buty does it? Well, no. The actual maths of his construct (moon atop earth) yields 22.5-6. And it's not the pyramid that's askew, it's the entire etching.

square roots of isis

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